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Web 2.0 - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre - 0 views

shared by magaca on 11 Oct 16 - No Cached
  • El término Web 2.0 o Web Social[1] comprende aquellos sitios web que facilitan el compartir información, la interoperabilidad, el diseño centrado en el usuario y la colaboración en la World Wide Web.
  • La Web 2.0 se caracteriza principalmente por la participación del usuario como contribuidor activo
  • logs: Un blog es un espacio web personal en el q
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  • puede escribir Herramientas de la web 2.0 cronológicamente artículos, noticias.(con imágenes vídeos y enlaces), pero además es un espacio colaborativo donde los lectores también pueden escribir sus comentarios a cada uno de los artículos (entradas/post) que ha realizado el autor
  • Una wiki es un espacio web corporativo, organizado mediante una estructura hipertextual de páginas
  • donde varias personas elaboran contenidos de manera asíncrona
  • Redes sociales: Sitios web donde cada usuario tiene una página donde publica contenidos y se comunica con otros usuarios.
  • Entornos para compartir recursos: Entornos que nos permiten almacenar recursos o contenidos en Internet, compartirlos y visualizarlos cuando nos convenga.
Andrew Jeppesen

ZuluPad - 10 views

    ZuluPad is a notepad on crack. It's a place to jot down class notes, appointments, to-do lists, favorite websites, annotated bookmarks, pretty much anything you can think of. The great thing about ZuluPad is that it combines the best parts of a notepad with the best parts of a wiki, a concept made popular by Wikipedia. The basic idea has been called a personal wiki or a desktop wiki.
Tony Richards

50 Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom | Smart Teaching - 0 views

    50 Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom "Wikis are an exceptionally useful tool for getting students more involved in curriculum. They're often appealing and fun for students to use, while at the same time ideal for encouraging participation, collaboration, and interaction. Read on to see how you can put wikis to work in your classroom."
Shane Roberts

Host Your Own Fully Featured Wiki Site With Tiki Wiki - 3 views

    Host your own wiki
John Pearce

hackpad - 5 views

    Hackpad is a new, simple wiki service which builds on lthe etherpad interface. Hackpad allows you to include video and images by copying and pasting links into the document. If you have Dropbox files that you want to link to, you can do that on Hackpad too. The layout options on Hackpad are limited, but you can link Hackpads to each other to form a wiki like structure.
Roland Gesthuizen

Not every blog has its day - 2 views

  • Companies that have gleaned the most from the technology have managed it actively through training, monitoring user behaviour and constant adjustment
  • it's important to go where users want to go
  • Collaboration tools also need sponsors - people entrusted with advancing their cause.
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  • If you don't put tribe leaders in place, the community will fall away," he says, adding that the tool needs to be relevant to individual users.
  • the time has come for companies to stop locking down computers and observe which social technologies are preferred and engaged by employees. "We need to focus on the human being part of the equation,"
  • Today's collaboration tools need to be intuitive, work in short bursts and have a robust databank that is easy to search,
    "Still trying to get your employees to embrace the company wiki and other recent collaboration tools? Sorry, the world has moved on. Four years since the birth of "Enterprise 2.0", many wikis have been abandoned, as companies find it takes more to enthuse staff to share than just building a platform and expecting them to come."
    Intesting refection about enterprise applications of web2.0 tools that could be applied to the Ultranet.
John Pearce

Learning Guide:QR Codes - Wiki - 3 views

    "QR Codes are similar to bar codes making it possible to access Web sites and messages through a camera phone. " This wiki from the University of Wyoming is a great collection of ideas, guides and tutorials.
Clay Leben

Wagn: a Wiki, Database, and CMS - 3 views

    Create a web site using WAGN, a type of wiki. Free open source.
Clay Leben

The Gamification Encyclopedia - - 4 views

    Wiki page about gamification concepts applied to learning and teaching. Links to resource pages.
Darrel Branson

Ad-Free Education Wikis - Wikis in Education - 0 views

    " It's with much regret that we're announcing the end of the "Ad Free for Education Sites" program here at Wetpaint. While the program has been a tremendous success and has been used by educators around the world, it comes at a high cost to Wetpaint. With the company's resources stretched thin, we can no longer effectively support the program going forward."
Camilla Elliott

MathsYear7 - wiki - 3 views

    On this wiki you will find links to problem solving pages, interactive activities and homework information for Year 7 Maths course. It's a gold mine of resources for middle years maths teachers.
Ian Guest

explain xkcd - 7 views

    A wiki whch has been gradually collecting explanations for all 1162 + n comics and everything xkcd related.
    Get involved and offer your interpretations (there are still over 400 comics to catalogue) or comment/discuss. Maybe have your students have a go?
Russell Ogden

EchucaELearning - home - 3 views

    Echuca College E-Learning wiki!
Shelly Terrell - 3 views

    Presentation wiki of Elanguage conference in Australia. Nicky Hockly and Mark Pegrum
Ian Guest

Naace and CAS Joint Guidance for the 2014 National Curriculum - 1 views

    "A wiki approach to developing joint guidance to support the Computing Curriculum" ... but useful guidance for anyone delivering Computing with their K-12 students.
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