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Nik Peachey

Nik's Daily English Activities: A City Love Story - 0 views

    Today's activity is about talking about your city and the things you love, and was inspired by a YouTube video that tells a short love story. The Story is set in Beirut in Lebanon and tells the story of how two young people meet and fall in and out of love. The video though is also a tribute to the city that they both love and the things that they like about it.
Dana Huff

Book Drum - 16 views

    Book Drum is the perfect companion to the books we love, bringing them to life with immersive pictures, videos, maps and music.
    It has been a great tool for close reading in my AP Lit class. Love Bookdrum!
    Thanks so much Really exceptional and so interactive..
Stephen Davis

HS English - Symbaloo - 11 views

    Great list of bookmarks (cool UI) for High School teachers! Would love one for Middle School!
    Great list of bookmarks (cool UI) for High School teachers! Would love one for Middle School!
    Steve, this is great. It doesn't hurt that you've got the majority of the links listed on my resources wiki page. Thisi much cooler. I have to try it. Thanks.
Adam Babcock

If Romeo and Juliet had mobile phones | Networked - 13 views

    • Adam Babcock
      Yeah... but "wherefore" translates to "why" in our contemporary language...
  • would have allowed Romeo and Juliet to move around, liberated from locale and parental surveillance. They would have been less worried about their families when they were figuring out where to meet. At the same time, their parents would have felt reassured because they could call their children and ask where they were and what they were doing. But, would Romeo and Juliet have told the truth? A location-aware app would also have been useful for parents in tracking them. Or they might have prowled friends’ Facebook updates or photo albums for clues.
  • Romeo and Juliet could find each other now because mobility means accessibility and availability. They’d be on each other’s top-five speed dial. And they would probably have had a location-aware app that that showed exactly where each other were: no wandering the streets of Verona looking for each other.
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • Public spaces have become more silent, as people concentrate on their text messages, while downwardly-peering texters have limited eye contact.
  • Imagine Romeo making plans to meet Juliet in the park, but his father calls to say that he has to come home immediately. At least, the mobile connection would have allowed Romeo to alert Juliet to his role conflict and possible absence.
  • As long as they talked or texted in private, neither the Montagues nor the Capulets would know – unless, of course, they snuck peeks at the list of previous calls and texts on the phones. Instead of a phone ringing in a home—where all would hear it and possibly become part of the conversation—internet communication and mobile communication are usually exchanges between two individuals.
  • Mobile contact has become multigenerational, as teens—and even children—are increasingly getting their own mobile phones. This affords people of all ages opportunities to become more autonomous agents.
  • As they grew up, Romeo and Juliet had gotten past their childhoods of being household and neighborhood bound.  They made contact by encounters in public places. Teens still do that—the shopping mall is the new agora—but their mobile phones also afford continuous contact with their homes and distant friends.
  • If they are right, Romeo and Juliet might never look up from their mobile phones to see each other. Or, would the course of true love have led them away from their screens and into each other’s arms?
  • The story of Romeo and Juliet is the story of two individuals escaping the bounds of their densely knit groups. It is a story of the social network revolution that began well before Facebook: the move from group-bound societies to networked individuals. This turn to networked individualism transforms communication from being place-based to person-based.
Suzanne Rogers

Littunes Music tied to Classic Literature - 19 views

    LOVE this! Music for ever major work you will ever want to teach

FOUND Magazine | Find of the Day - 0 views

shared by anonymous on 15 Jul 09 - Cached
    We collect FOUND stuff- love letters, birthday cards, photos, to-do lists, poetry on napkins, doodles- anything that gives a glimpse into someone else's life. send us your finds!
Meredith Stewart

MagCloud - 0 views

    Fantastic vanity press site for publishing. We used it for our literary mag and loved it!
Dana Huff

A Dozen of Literature's Greatest Jerks :: Blogs :: List of the Day :: Paste - 16 views

    Paste compiles a list of some of literature's biggest jerks. You know you love to hate them.
Mary Worrell

Chase SLA ENG 11 Syllabus 10-11 - 7 views

    Engaging syllabus for 11th grade English class at Science and Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, PA (USA). I really love the balance of structure and autonomy.
Patrick Higgins

Mr. Langley's Digital Classroom - 19 views

    Love this example of a teacher using Google Sites to really push his transparency.  
Leslie Healey

The Fictional 100 - 17 views

    fascinating, useful blog about the characters we love (or hate) great resource for student research, research, discussion. We have already begun to argue about which Shakespearean characters deserve to be on the list........
Katie Dixon

shrock_blooms.png (990×624) - 2 views

    Great visual - would love to see it paired up with samples of uses.  Currently using Google Sites to Apply knowledge gained from reading with my 8th graders
Kyle Tavares

Kyle Tavares | - 0 views

    I felt in love with the whole process. This is where my journey began. I decided to peruse a career in the field of jewellery and precious gemstones and I am studying all I can about it.
Dynnelle Fields

Facilitating Literacy Discussions In High School English Class - 28 views

    I love this-- sample "pinwheel discussion" to analyze literature. I think the teacher's role of making tally marks to show them where they are doing well is key.
Kyle Tavares

Kyle Tavares is a High Quality Jewelers and Diamonds Designer - 0 views

    Now I wish to share my knowledge with other potential gem lovers and buyers of beautiful jewellery. I truly love what I do and I bring my heart and soul to every piece I work on.
Kyle Tavares

Top Jeweler Designer is a Kyle Tavares - 0 views

    After sourcing her pink diamond in Antwerp and setting her sparkling gem in platinum in London's Hatton Garden - I was hooked. I felt in love with the whole process.
Mark Smith

The Case for Breaking Up With Your Parents - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Hi... - 5 views

  • More than love, sex, courtship, and marriage; more than inheritance, ambition, rivalry, or disgrace; more than hatred, betrayal, revenge, or death, orphanhood—the absence of the parent, the frightening yet galvanizing solitude of the child—may be the defining fixation of the novel as a genre, what one might call its primordial motive or matrix, the conditioning psychic reality out of which the form itself develops.
    "This is the play-date generation. ... There was a time when children came home from school and just played randomly with their friends. Or hung around and got bored, and eventually that would lead you on to something. Kids don't get to do that now. Busy parents book them into things constantly-violin lessons, ballet lessons, swimming teams. The kids get the idea that someone will always be structuring their time for them."
    A great article, worth 15 minutes.
Jeff See

"Thinkbook" Reading Journals - English Companion Ning - 21 views

  • How might Archer take advantage of his marriage?
    • Jeff See
      Calls for analysis of his character.
  • Without May's perception, the reader has no reason to believe May is betraying their marriage by any means.
    • Jeff See
      Key Point. Perspective can play a large role in our understanding of a situation.
  • because of her value to society.
    • Jeff See
      This seems to point to a lack of "love" on his part. Good insight.
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