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Dana Huff

Presentations in the High School English Classroom - 27 views

    Utecht provides great guidelines, tools, and models for student-created presentations.
    they (students and teachers) did this at Educon 2.3 and it was inspiring. We are going to try it 4th quarter 20th century short fiction.
Matthias Heil

'Teach Naked' Effort Strips Computers From Classrooms - Technology - The Chronicle of H... - 0 views

shared by Matthias Heil on 23 Jul 09 - Cached
  • Here's the kicker, though: The biggest resistance to Mr. Bowen's ideas has come from students, some of whom have groused about taking a more active role during those 50-minute class periods.
  • Introduce issues of debate within the discipline and get the students to weigh in based on the knowledge they have from those lecture podcasts, Mr. Bowen says.
  • "Strangely enough, the people who are most resistant to this model are the students, who are used to being spoon-fed material that is going to be quote unquote on the test," says Mr. Heffernan. "Students have been socialized to view the educational process as essentially passive. The only way we're going to stop that is by radically refiguring the classroom in precisely the way José wants to do it."
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  • "inverted classroom."
  • 'I paid for a college education and you're not going to lecture?'"
  • PowerPoint is not the problem. It is how PPt is used.
    • Matthias Heil
      That's exactly the point. Of course we do need discussions in classrooms, but we also need to enable students to perform well in them, and here is where technology comes in: You can facilitate it in the learning process. - The headline of this article makes things far too easy...
    I like how Bowen is questioning the use of tech for tech's sake. This further shows how it's not about the technology, but about the teaching.
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