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Dean Mantz

Groups - Google Educator Groups - 23 views

    Establish or join an existing Google Educators Group.
Leslie Cash

Using Groups Effectively: 10 Principles - 18 views

David Hilton

H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online - 12 views

    Set of discussion boards on the humanities and social sciences.
Greg Limperis

Curriki - WebHome - 2 views

  • group sharing resources in order to establish rish curriculum shared amonsgt a vast audience. It is a combination of a wiki site and a curriculum resource.
Heather Sullivan :: Words that stick - 0 views

shared by Heather Sullivan on 12 Sep 09 - Cached
    Very cool brainstorming or messaging site. Users may add text messages, attach links, files, videos, etc. Extremely easy to use interface.
Fred Delventhal

Phonevite - Share Your Voice - Community-Based Voice Broadcasting - Phone Tree Service - 0 views

    With this tool, you can send free phone reminders & alerts to yourself and/or your friends in 3 quick, easy steps.
    Enter your Contact Phone Numbers
    Record your Message via your Phone
    The Message is Sent to all the Numbers
Greg Limperis

Technology Integration in Education - Seamlessly integrating technology into the K-Coll... - 0 views

    Great professional network of educators and professionals working to help integrate technology in education.
    Great New Professional Network focusing on sharing free webinars, useful mp3s, videoas and pictures for professional development, great groups for networking. Be part of this site in its growing stages and help to mold it into a site useful for you. Link up with professionals from companies aroung the world and join the larger group on Linkedin.
Jennifer Dorman

CONVOS | Simple Online Groups - 0 views

    Start Convos Groups to connect people and keep them productive. Whether it's for friends, colleagues, or classmates, a Convos Group keeps everyone focused.
Fred Delventhal

Foonz - Free Conference Calls and Group Calls - 0 views

    It's Easy.

    With foonz you can get a group of people on a call instantly or leave them all a message from your cell or home phone, anytime, without pre-planning.

    There are a million reasons to use foonz! Talk with a team or club, have a family call, or just find out what all your friends are up to!

    It's easy to get started:

    1. Sign up with foonz.
    2. Add people to your foonz contact list.
    3. Dial your personal "foonz number".

    You'll then be prompted to start a free group call or leave a group message!
Jennifer Dorman

Wiggio - Makes it easy to work in groups. - 0 views

    Wiggio is a completely free, online toolkit that makes it easy to work in groups. With Wiggio you can: - keep shared calendar (with text message reminders) - poll group in real-time - send mass text messages - store files in one common folder - setup group conference call - many others! When you need to work in groups at school, Wiggio is the best FREE tool on the web to help you organize groups like: - Academic project groups - Clubs, organizations, committees - Fraternities and sororities - Housemates and dormmates - TA sections - Sports teams - Musical and dance groups
Jennifer Dorman

GROU.PS :: connects obsessively! - 0 views

    Choose your template and pick all the modules that you want (wiki, blogs, photos, links etc).
Heather Sullivan

Wiggio - Makes it easy to work in groups. - 1 views

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    <td colSpan=2><LABEL for=uaf_email>Enter your email:</LABEL> <A
    class="why_link bold"
    onclick="w_alert('Email Address','One of the most powerful features of Wiggio is the ability to get messages from your group members as well as reminders of upcoming events. ' + String.fromCharCode(60) + 'p />Your email address will not be shared with anyone outside of your groups. ' + String.fromCharCode(60) + 'p />You can control how and when you get these messages (or even turn them off) by clicking on My Notifcations.'); return false;"
    tabIndex=-1 href="">(Why do we need this?)</A><BR><INPUT class=signup_input
    id=uaf_email name=uaf_email AUTOCOMPLETE="OFF">
    <DIV class=uaf_caption id=uaf_email_caption></DIV></td></TR>
    <td class="signup_password_cell signup_half_left_cell" vAlign=top><LABEL
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    <td class=signup_password_cell vAlign=top><LABEL for=uaf_password_again>Repeat
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    <td class=signup_label_cell id=signup_cell_label colSpan=2><LABEL
    for=uaf_phone>Enter your cell phone:</LABEL> <A class="why_link bold"
    onclick="w_alert('Cell Phone','One of the most powerful features of Wiggio is the ability to get text messages from your group members as well as reminders of upcoming events.' + String.fromCharCode(60) + 'p /> Your cell phone number will not be shared with anyone outside of your groups.' + String.fromCharCode(60) + 'p /> If you decide not to enter it now, you can add it later by clicking on My Profile or My Notifications.'); return false;"
    tabIndex=-1 href="">(Why do we ask for this?)</A> </td></TR>
    <td class=signup_half_left_cell vAlign=top><INPUT class=signup_input_half
    id=uaf_phone size=15 name=uaf_phone AUTOCOMPLETE="OFF"> </td>
    <td vAlign=top><SELECT class=signup_input_half name=uaf_smscarrierid> <OPTION
    value=0 s
Christine Southard

Welcome | TextMarks | SMS and Text Alerts Made Easy | SMS API - 0 views

    # Manage text alert lists.
    # Facilitate many-to-many text discussions.
    # Provide updates and collect feedback.
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