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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Heather Sullivan

Heather Sullivan

Free MIT simulation has students compete as video game moguls | eSchool News - 11 views

  • The university announced Nov. 30 that the popular simulation, known as “Platform Wars,” would be freely available on the MIT Sloan Teaching Innovation Resources website, following the lead of MIT’s OpenCourseWare program, a seminal experiment in higher education’s sharing of open course material.In “Platform Wars,” students set the price of hardware, negotiate royalty rates with game makers, and decide if they should subsidize the first few games for their gaming system.
Heather Sullivan

Mass customization in education - Home - Doug Johnson's Blue Skunk Blog - 28 views

  • Here's the thing: We have lots of data about our kids - test scores, ability measurements, learning inventories, teacher observations etc. We have a lots of different ways to teach and a wealth of diverse teaching resources. What the classroom teacher lacks in the time to analyze and match the individual numbers with the intervention.
Heather Sullivan

Forensics - 17 views

Heather Sullivan

Council proposes state teacher evaluation system | - 9 views

  • The recommendations state that teachers should be evaluated based on six quality standards: knowledge of content, establish environment for diverse students, facilitate learning, reflect on their practice, demonstrate leadership, and student growth.
  • Student growth makes up 50 percent of a teacher's evaluation score, but council members say they want it to be from assessments taken throughout the school year, not just one day.
  • teacher and principal can then be granted one of four ratings: Ineffective, Partially Effective, Effective, or Highly Effective. If a teacher receives two low ratings in a row, that teacher may lose non-probationary status or job protections similar to tenure. Council members say the primary goal of the evaluation system must be to find ways to help struggling teachers improve.
    Student growth makes up 50 percent of a teacher's evaluation score, but council members say they want it to be from assessments taken throughout the school year, not just one day.
Heather Sullivan

Next for education: Teacher avatars | Featured on eSchool News | - 15 views

  • To populate an educator’s avatar with knowledge, Don Davidson, Intellitar co-founder and CEO, said a common starting point might be a digital curriculum that would serve as an alternate knowledge source. The educator would provide personal experiences as they relate to the subject matter or views on certain topics.
Heather Sullivan

Google, Twitter build Speak to Tweet for Egyptians | Relevant Results - CNET News - 6 views

  • Even if the Internet is down, people in Egypt can still use Twitter through a new service from Google and Twitter.
  • Google, in combination with Twitter and its recently acquired SayNow engineers, has released a service for tweeting without an Internet connection.
Heather Sullivan


  • Yokoten
  • At the initial stage, individuals meeting, you often hear people complaining that they have to go to the meeting: “ this is my time I should be doing my work” With the emphasis on MY, it’s a hoarding culture.
  • Franchises are formed when teacher share their creativity with each other and work together to design instructional or assessment strategies together, such as 9 week common assessments or a unit of instruction. In the early stages of franchising, strategies designed together are implemented individually. A team designs a common assessment but doesn’t look at each other’s lesson plans.
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  • As PLCs progress from franchises toward teams, teachers begin to modify their individual practices to align with others creating a consistent practice that benefits students. A PLC of freshman teachers decides on common notebook criteria for their courses that encourages organizational skills. A 6-7-8 middle school PLC implements common expectations for students over the three years.At full implementation, PLCs become teams. Members take shared responsibility for student success. On a K-1 -2 vertical PLC where the team has the same students over three years, members share responsibility for all the students across the three years. On a high school science PLC a biology teacher assumes responsibility for students’ success in chemistry.
Heather Sullivan

Rock Our World - 27 views

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