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Dennis Grice

Solar Freakin' Roadways - The Challenge | The Thinking Stick - 7 views

    It's more than just "Solar Freakin Roadways" it's about changing a mindset. Great post by Jeff Utecht.
John Evans

Elizabeth English: Why So Many Schools Remain Penitentiaries of Boredom - 10 views

    "Educational leaders have to have the courage to reinvent our schools for real this time. And our teachers must be teachers of children as well as teachers of their subject area. This means possessing pedagogical knowledge -- the tools in the tool belt to design a lesson for the students of the present and the problems of the future. "
Lauri Brady

Change the World in 5 Minutes - Everyday at School - YouTube - 14 views

    Can a bunch of school kids really change the world in five minutes a day? This class of primary school kids demonstrate over the course of a week that it only takes five minutes a day to make a positive impact-from recycling to planting fruit and veg and telling jokes. You can find out more and contact the filmmaker, Tristan Bancks, at This film was made for Film Australia's Change the World in 5 Minutes project. See more films and upload your own ideas for Changing the World @
Amanda Kenuam

Overcoming Adversity | Opportunities for Special Needs Children - 0 views

    "special needs, disability, power, change, success, video, challenges"
Michael Walker

Introduction to Wolfram|Alpha by Stephen Wolfram - 0 views

    Computational web based app. Although it's tempting to think of Wolfram|Alpha as a place to look up facts, that's only part of the story. The thing that truly sets Wolfram|Alpha apart is that it is able to do sophisticated computations for you, both pure computations involving numbers or formulas you enter, and computations applied automatically to data called up from its repositories. Why does computation matter? Because computation is what turns generic information into specific answers. To give an amusing example, every school child has at one time or another written a report on the moon, and they probably included the wrong figure for how far the moon is from the earth. Why wrong? Because the distance from the earth to the moon is not constant: it changes by as much as a mile a minute. If you ask Wolfram|Alpha the distance to the moon, it tells you not only the conventionally quoted average distance, but also the actual distance right now, which can at times be well over ten thousand miles off the average. The actual distance is a figure that can be arrived at only by computation based on the moon's known orbital parameters. It's rocket science, if you will.
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