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Nigel Coutts

Personal Passion Project - Reflections After Eight Years - 0 views

    For the past eight years students in Year Six at Redlands have participated in a Personal Passion Project during Term Four. It is a way to finish their time in Junior School with a project that connects their passion with all they have learned about managing inquiry/design based projects to that point.
Dean Mantz

Weblogg-ed » Pulling Networks Together - 12 views

  • John Seely Brown’s (and others) new book Pull,
  • hammering home the continued importance of face to face connections and the value of serendipity in making those connections.
  • 1. Can you identify the fifty smartest or most accomplished people who share your passions or interests, regardless of where they reside?
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  • 2. How many of these people are currently in your professional / personal networks?
  • 3. How many of these people have you been able to engage actively in an initiative related to your shared passions or interests
  • 4. To how many of these people would you feel comfortable reaching out and mobilizing in a new initiative related to your shared passions and interests
  • 5. For these fifty people, how effectively are you using social media to increase your mutual awareness of each other’s activities?
Networth and College attended - 0 views

    Alec Baldwin, born Alexander Rae Baldwin III on April 3, 1958, in Amityville, New York, stands as a towering figure in the world of entertainment. His journey from a young actor with dreams to a Hollywood stalwart is a narrative filled with passion, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to his craft. Baldwin's name is not just a moniker; it represents a legacy, a brand, and an institution in the cinematic universe.
John Evans

There Is No Lesson Plan For Tragedy - Teachers YOU Know What To Do | Angela Maiers, Spe... - 10 views

    "How did I address this tragedy in class? I hugged every last child in my classroom as he/she left for the weekend and told them that they matter, that I love them, and that they make this world better by being in it. They left smiling, believing, and feeling validated. #partofthesolution Jolie Barker- Passionate Educator"
Nigel Coutts

Helping students to become problem finders - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    For students engaging in creative personalised learning projects such as a 'Genius Hour' or 'Personal Passion project it can often be difficult for them to uncover the right project. Students have become so reliant upon their teachers to pose them problems that when they are given the option to explore one of their own design they don't know where to start. This is indeed a significant challenge as we know that our students will enter a workforce and world of learning beyond school where they must be active problem finders. How then might we provide the support they require without removing the opportunity for truly personalised exploration.  
Fred Delventhal

History Happens - Home - 23 views

    History Happens is a collection of music videos about characters from American history. Our goal is to inform and inspire young people that an individual can make a difference--as evidenced by the many acts of courage, endurance and passion that make up the American story. These music videos can be used as a platform for all kinds of innovative, multi-disciplinary, project-based teaching/learning experiences. To learn more about our programs, please feel free to contact us by telephone or email.
Spectra Symbol

Potentiometer, Linear Position Sensor, Flex Circuit | Spectra Symbol - 0 views

    Spectra Symbol is passionate about designing and manufacturing the highest quality membrane switches for our customers. 30 years of top quality has distinguished our product offerings in the market place.
Heather Sullivan

Urban high school's rare feat: No dropouts - Education- - 0 views

  • Urban high school's rare feat: No dropoutsCamden, N.J., school built around student's passions, community project
  • The schools are small and very different from traditional schools. MetEast has just over 100 students — less than one-tenth the enrollment at each of the city's comprehensive high schools. The educators are called "advisers," not teachers, and they advise the same group of students all four years.
  • Classes are built around the idea that students will learn by following their passions. Students do internships. Graduation requirements include a senior project with the aim of doing some good for the community.And four times a year, every student makes a presentation to a panel that includes students and adults from outside the school.
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  • And unlike charter schools that have sprung up in Camden during the last decade, MetEast is run by the city's school district.
Nigel Coutts

Thinking and learning in the postnormal era - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    We live in a time of chaos, complexity and contradiction. (Sardar, 2010 [1]) Where rapid changes and transformations through technology, politics, globalisation and the climate, conspire against normality (Friedman, 2016 [2]) These times demand a fresh approach to education, one that provides learners with the thinking dispositions they need to turn challenges into opportunities, to connect their learning to their passions and emerge from their years of formal education as self-navigating life-long learners. 
Networth and College attended

Ashley Benson: Net Worth, College Attended, Life and Career - A Comprehensive Overview ... - 0 views

    Ashley Benson, a shining star in the vast universe of television and film, stands out not just for her beauty but for her unparalleled acting prowess. From the tender age when she first graced the screen in commercials, showcasing a promise that was hard to ignore, to her transformative role as Hanna Marin in the cultural phenomenon "Pretty Little Liars," Benson's trajectory in the entertainment industry has been nothing short of meteoric. Her ability to immerse herself in diverse roles and make them her own speaks volumes of her dedication and passion for the craft.
Networth and College attended

Austin Butler: Net Worth, College Attended-The Meteoric Rise of a Hollywood's Shining S... - 0 views

    In the sprawling universe of Hollywood, where countless stars vie for attention, Austin Robert Butler stands out like a luminous beacon. His ascent in the entertainment world isn't just a tale of luck or being at the right place at the right time; it's a narrative of relentless dedication, adaptability in roles, and an innate talent that refuses to be overshadowed. From his early days of navigating the complex maze of showbiz to becoming one of its most recognized faces, Butler's journey is a masterclass in ambition fueled by sheer passion. His ability to seamlessly transition between roles, coupled with a work ethic that's second to none, showcases the makings of a true artist.
hitesh kumar

Famous Books Of Paulo Coelho - 0 views

    For all the details about Paulo Coelho's famous books, reviews of Coelho's famous books and inner details visit this page.

Latest Mothers Day HD Images 2016 For Every Mom - Mothers Day Ideas hd Images Cards Poe... - 0 views

    Latest Mothers Day HD Images 2016 For Every Mom- It is really wonderful and amazing to enjoy the day with our Mom. There are many festivals which we used to celebrate with our family. It is really amazing and interesting to enjoy the days with full passion and joy.
School and University

English Literature,Foreign Language,College Major,Online Schools - 1 views

    Are you passionate about reading? Do you think a study about great Shakespearian works can excite you? Then you can choose English literature as a college major. Literature works were always a reflection of society. It narrated about the social and cultural situations existed in those times. For example, the...
Peter Horsfield

Joel Osteen - Free Extraordinary Profiles - 0 views

    Joel Scott Osteen is a pastor, author and television host who leads America's largest Christian congregation, Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. Through his weekly broadcasts that reach more than ten million people in over one hundred nations across the world, Joel has become a very significant and inspirational part of the lives of the millions of viewers who eagerly wait to see his program every week.
Peter Horsfield

Leonardo DiCaprio - Free Extraordinary Profiles - 0 views

    Leonardo DiCaprio is an award-winning Hollywood actor known for his impeccable characterizations of the most complex personalities ever played on screen, such as J. Edgar Hoover in "J. Edgar," Romeo Montague in "Romeo + Juliet," Arnie Grape in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape," Anthony Rimbaud in "Total Eclipse," Amsterdam Vallon in "Gangs of New York," Frank Abagnale Jr. in "Catch Me If You Can," and of course Jack Dawson in "Titanic."
Peter Horsfield

Stan Lee - Free Extraordinary Profiles - 0 views

    Stan Lee co-created the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Iron Man and Spider-Man among many others. He redefined the comic book industry and pushed for the Comics Code Authority to reform its policies. Stan Lee made a respectable career out of being a comic book writer by making his characters imperfect so that readers could relate to them more easily. His Stan Lee Foundation focuses to increase literacy and aids under-privileged kids get quality education.
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