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Trevor Cunningham

Raspberry Pi and Custard for Schools » DesignSpark - 14 views

    This post makes a solid point about the seemingly lost practice of coding with the proliferation of more ubiquitous technology. While these advances have connected billions, what does this mean for future job markets, innovation, etc. Get the kids coding! I ordered my Raspberry Pi today and look forward to the day when I can get my (now 3-year old) son into coding.
Bob Rowan

First boot with the Raspberry Pi | How To - CNET - 49 views

    Clear introduction to the raspberry pi computer
Trevor Cunningham

Raspberry Pi IV Beginners - YouTube - 31 views

    YouTube channel of tutorials for Raspberry Pi beginners.
Trevor Cunningham

Remote GUI for Raspberry Pi » - 37 views

Dimitris Tzouris

Coder for Raspberry Pi - 44 views

    "open source project that turns a Raspberry Pi into a simple platform that educators and parents can use to teach the basics of building for the web"
Roland Gesthuizen

Watch a kid assemble a computer in minutes - Quibly - 51 views

    "Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google was so taken with Pis (and so horrified by the lack of computer programming currently being taught) that he donated a barrel load of them to British schools. Raspberry Pi is now one of the most talked about products on Quibly and one of the most frequently purchased through our store."
Martin Burrett

Sonic Pi - 13 views

    "This is an amazing Windows, Mac and Raspberry Pi download which combines coding and composing music. Within a few minutes everyone can begin to make something tuneful and after a few lessons your students may even come up with a symphony or two."
Carl Bogardu

The MagPi - 80 views

    This is a magazine for RaspberryPi users. RaspberryPi is a credit-card sized computer that does basic computer functions and is used to teach programming.
Tim Cooper

BerryIO - 22 views

    interface to control raspberry pi through the web
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