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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Bea Cantor

World Digital Library Home - 13 views

shared by Trevor Cunningham on 17 Sep 09 - Cached

Gruml | Google Reader for Mac OS - 0 views

shared by Bea Cantor on 29 Aug 09 - Cached
    Puts Google Reader on your desktop.

Survey: Teens 'sext' and post personal info | Larry Magid at Large - CNET News - 0 views

  • The summary points out that "Cyberbullying is widespread among today's teens, with over one-third having experienced it, engaged in it, or known of friends who have who have done either." But that one-third is cumulative of bullies, people who have been bullied and even people who know someone who's been bullied.
  • 20 percent of teens "say they have sent/posted nude or semi-nude pictures or video of themselves." But the data from the Cox survey showed that while 20 percent of teens "have engaged in sexting," that number, too, is cumulative. Only 9 percent "sent a sext," while 17 percent received one, and 3 percent forwarded a "sext."
  • it's important for parents to talk with their teens about appropriate use of the Internet. Don't scare them or shut down their use, but do remind them to mind their manners, think before they post, and seek help if someone is bullying or harassing them.
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  • the vast majority of teens (72 percent) have a social-networking profile, while 73 percent use cell phones and 91 percent have an e-mail address.

::::: ::::: Interactive Geometry - 2 views

shared by Bea Cantor on 22 Apr 09 - Cached
    interactive, visual representations of concepts

Elie Wiesel @Web English Teacher - 2 views

    Great collection of resources. I think this would be a great resource for Thowell
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