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Craig Campbell

FRONTLINE | Watch Online | PBS Video - 52 views

    149 programs plus many clips
Craig Campbell

Watch FRONTLINE Online | PBS - 57 views

    160 of Frontlines best videos online at this site
Michelle Krill

Interviews - Clifford Nass | Digital Nation | FRONTLINE | PBS - 58 views

  • So what we're seeing is less of a notion of a big idea carried through and much more little bursts and snippets. And we see that across media, across film, across, in Web sites, this idea of just do a little bit and then you can run away.
    • Michelle Krill
      I consider this to fit in with my 'plate spinning' analogy.
  • anytime you switch from one task to another, there's something called the "task switch cost," which basically, imagine, is I've got to turn off this part of the brain and turn on this part of the brain. And it's not free; it takes time.
    • Michelle Krill
      I make use of this task switch time by noting things that pass through my brain during this lapse in work time. I keep post-its around all the time and carry a jot it down notebook. It's rationalizing, but I do feel like I make use of the 'lost' time.
  • One of the biggest delusions we hear from students is, "I do five things at once because I don't have time to do them one at a time." And that turns out to be false. That is to say, they would actually be quicker if they did one thing, then the next thing, then the next. It may not be as fun, but they'd be more efficient.
Eric G. Young

frontline: secret history of the credit card | PBS - 39 views

    Frontline airing that discusses the rise of credit cards, the complexity of their terms in modern society, and includes a teaching feature which I think would be excellent for high school teachers to utilize.
Brian Mull

FRONTLINE: digital nation: learning: literacy: defenders of the book | PBS - 43 views

  • As Dr. C. Paul Newhouse wrote in 2002, "While it would be convenient to be able to make a direct connection between the use of ICT and learning outcomes, most reputable educational researchers today would agree that there will never be a direct link because learning is mediated through the learning environment and ICT is only one element of that environment."
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