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Jonathan Boyd

Clausewitz's Fog and Friction and the Military Transformation Fiction | Ballots & Bullets - 3 views

    Strategic studies have retained the thinking of Karl von Clausewitz at its core. The Prussian General's understanding of war by reference to the political process saw wars as the "continuation of politics by other means" (Clausewitz, 1997). In conflict research, this has become the most widely quoted definition of war. What made Clausewitz's work 'On War' so successful was that he wrote about war by focusing on its general aspects, or more simply, on the spirit of war as he saw it. In this way, war no longer drew on narrow and specific contexts, but rather became understood, as an enduring phenomenon, in general terms.
Betty Powell Do an experiment with Friction - 2 views

    Interactive. Test your tires while drivng on dry or wet pavement and trying to stop.
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