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Alexandre Enkerli

What Is Disruptive Innovation? - 0 views

  • Another intriguing anomaly was the identification of industries that have resisted the forces of disruption, at least until very recently. Higher education in the United States is one of these. Over the years—indeed, over more than 100 years—new kinds of institutions with different initial charters have been created to address the needs of various population segments, including nonconsumers. Land-grant universities, teachers’ colleges, two-year colleges, and so on were initially launched to serve those for whom a traditional four-year liberal arts education was out of reach or unnecessary.
    • Alexandre Enkerli
      Year of the MOOC? The End of College?
  • Will online education disrupt the incumbents’ model? And if so, when? In other words, will online education’s trajectory of improvement intersect with the needs of the mainstream market?
  • . Yet the relative standing of higher-education institutions remains largely unchanged: With few exceptions, the top 20 are still the top 20, and the next 50 are still in that second tier, decade after decade.
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  • the enabling innovation is online learning
Alexandre Enkerli

Hypothesis - 0 views

  • Because you're speaking publicly,
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      These few words could help us launch a whole discussion.
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