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Alexandre Enkerli

Communities of Innovation: Chapter Guide - 0 views

  • Cyborganic and Social Change: The Power and Limits of Community(Chapter 7 PDF) The story of Cyborganic is a story about the productive power of community, in particular, of intentional communities mobilized in conscious projects of self-creation. But it is also a story of constraints and limitations on this power vis-à-vis larger social structures and cultural forces. In this chapter, I situate Cyborganic in the history of utopian experiments and exemplary communities in the United States. Within this history, Langdon Winner (1986) identifies and critiques a dominant cultural narrative of social transformation through technology. Identifying this narrative in Cyborganic and the wider community of Net geeks and Web heads of which it was a part shows it is neither as new nor as revolutionary as commonly conceived. More significantly, it shows up the structural limitations of community as a social form and demonstration models of the good life as a tactic for realizing social change. While Cyborganic's project was innovative in imaging and building new, influential forms of techno-sociality, in terms of constituting social subjects, it was politics by other means, argument by example, by technology. It was also supremely bourgeois and bohemian in creating a new style of life, rooted in a calling and countercultural status identity. It was a project for life in a social order dominated by work.
Alexandre Enkerli

Rap Genius Gets $15 Million in Venture Capital « The FADER - 1 views

  • the ability to annotate any page on the Internet with commentary and additional information
    • Alexandre Enkerli
      aka Diigo
Alexandre Enkerli

Quote approval - - 0 views

  • So I’ve learned the hard way, over and over again, that it’s most wise to talk to journalists the way you’d talk to the police: ideally, don’t.
    • Alexandre Enkerli
      I hope journalists are paying attention…
  • refuse to talk to journalists because they know better than to give arbitrary weapons to be used against them
  • If quote approval results in higher accuracy of what’s published and gets more sources to willingly talk to journalists, that’s probably a net improvement
  • ...11 more annotations...
  • evaluate the subjects’ credibility themselves.
  • link prominently to sources.
  • no excuses for anyone publishing online in 2012 not to link prominently,
  • victim of misquoting:
  • manufactured by writers to make a point
  • listen and take notes at the same time
    • Alexandre Enkerli
      Ethnographers and other fieldworkers know the importance of recording.
  • implicitly encourage them to make their subjects look bad for their own gain.
  • Reporters and their bosses aren’t always interested solely in telling the truth, per se.
  • attract attention to make their ads deliver value to their shareholders
  • the value of journalism to society is merely a side effect of this goal.
  • decided the angle of the story before consulting any sources
    • Alexandre Enkerli
      Precisely what ethnographers avoid, partly through reflexivity. 
Alexandre Enkerli

"iCloud Backup" - - 0 views

  • that’s about as useful as when a developer says, “It worked on my machine.”
    It's easy for most of us around these parts to forget how badly technology still works for so many people.
Alexandre Enkerli

My CodeConf Talk: Your Community Is Your Best Feature | Smarterware - 0 views

  • As an open source leader, you’re like a doctor or a teacher. If you’re doing a good job, then your community needs you less and less.
  • That's the sign of healthy peer collaboration.
  • Likewise, virtual or in-person meetups—like IRC office hours, weekend-long hackfests, all give people a time and date to show up and work on a specific problem.
  • ...20 more annotations...
  • Convert newcomers into contributors.
  • it's really difficult to play a role
  • Instead of thinking from the perspective of “what does the project need?” think about what this person wants.
  • People WANT to belong to your community
  • assertive
  • strip away the ego and defensiveness
  • Complainers are a unique opportunity.
  • more folks interested in Gov 2.0 efforts than social media analytics
  • Cast a wide net
  • Homogenous teams turn out homogenous products.
  • Inclusiveness matters.
  • If your team has a limited worldview then your software will as well.
  • A mailing list archive is a lot less inviting than a nicely-formatted blog post
  • how many brand new contributors added something to this release
  • social media douchebags use to chart their follower count
  • democracy platform
  • complainers
  • friendliness
  • inclusiveness
  • openness to newcomers
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