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Alexandre Enkerli

Too Big to Know - 0 views

Alexandre Enkerli

My CodeConf Talk: Your Community Is Your Best Feature | Smarterware - 0 views

  • As an open source leader, you’re like a doctor or a teacher. If you’re doing a good job, then your community needs you less and less.
  • That's the sign of healthy peer collaboration.
  • Likewise, virtual or in-person meetups—like IRC office hours, weekend-long hackfests, all give people a time and date to show up and work on a specific problem.
  • ...20 more annotations...
  • Convert newcomers into contributors.
  • it's really difficult to play a role
  • Instead of thinking from the perspective of “what does the project need?” think about what this person wants.
  • People WANT to belong to your community
  • assertive
  • strip away the ego and defensiveness
  • Complainers are a unique opportunity.
  • more folks interested in Gov 2.0 efforts than social media analytics
  • Cast a wide net
  • Homogenous teams turn out homogenous products.
  • Inclusiveness matters.
  • If your team has a limited worldview then your software will as well.
  • A mailing list archive is a lot less inviting than a nicely-formatted blog post
  • how many brand new contributors added something to this release
  • social media douchebags use to chart their follower count
  • democracy platform
  • complainers
  • friendliness
  • inclusiveness
  • openness to newcomers
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