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Igor Mayer

Enipedia - Enipedia - 0 views

    Enipedia is an active exploration into the applications of wikis and the semantic web for energy and industry issues. Through this we seek to create a collaborative environment for discussion, while also providing the tools that allow for data from different sources to be connected, queried, and visualized from different perspectives.
    Not a game. But recommended because of its originality and eclectic combination.
Enrico Ferro

Policy Formulation and Validation through non-moderated Crowd Sourcing | ePractice - 0 views

    Austria , Germany , Greece , Switzerland , United Kingdom Type of initiative Project or service Case Abstract NOMAD aims to introduce the experience of setting a political agenda in a non-moderated, crowd sourcing way, by providing decision-makers with automated solutions for content search, acquisition, analysis and visualisation, while gathering online information from social media, blogs, news feeds and the web, following upon complex sets of issues.
david osimo

Noah Raford » Manifesto - 0 views

  • scenario planning, social simulation, role playing, red teaming, crowd sourcing, collective intelligence, sensemaking and experiential learning,
Igor Mayer

Key Innovations in Public Policy - 0 views

    "LEADERSNew technologies are helping to connect governments and change agents from across sectors,and putting new frontiers within reach of traditional institutions. In this section, we provide an over-view of four such frontiers: social innovation, online gaming for the public good, crowdsourcing (and crowdfunding), and Gov2.0.A. SOCIAL INNOVATION nologies, and to problem-solving more generally, areSocial innovation at its core is the successful implementa-tion of new ideas that meet social needs.46"
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