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Jonathan Wylie

Adobe Lightroom 3 Review: The Only Image Editor You'll Ever Need? - 13 views

    This Lightroom 3 review will explore all the features, benefits and functions of Adobe's professional grade photo editor.
Jonathan Wylie

Fun Review Activities for the Classroom: Study Ideas for Teachers - 25 views

    Classroom review activities are a great way to help revise and retain important skills that have been learned in the classroom.
Jonathan Wylie

Interactive Whiteboard Games for Classroom Review Activities - 17 views

    These interactive whiteboard games are a great way to review units of study in the classroom. All are based on popular TV shows and are fun and engaging for the whole class. Download the templates, customize them to your own needs, and you will be ready to play these great games on an interactive whiteboard or LCD projector.
Jeff Johnson

Technology Review: Putting the Web in a Spreadsheet - 19 views

    Vast quantities of data are freely available on the Web, and it can be a potential treasure trove for many businesses--providing they can figure out how to use it effectively.

    IBM hopes that a new tool, called BigSheets, will help users analyze Web data more easily. The company has developed a test version of the software for the British Library.
Pal Molnar

Social networking with a brain: a critical review of academic sites | In the Library wi... - 0 views

    Social networking with a brain: a critical review of academic sites
Sheryl A. McCoy

Online mix tapes in minutes with Mixwit :: Mykl Roventine - Designer of Things - 0 views

    excellent instruction and reason to use software, Mixwit (beta)
Tom julick

More friendly Oakley Split THUMP Review - 0 views

    happen like Oakley have learned its lessons. We found that the lasted version of �� warable electronics�� - mp3 sunglasses from Oakley is greatly improved to a degree of new looks apart from all other mp3 sunglasses in the markets.At first glance the Oakley Split THUMP is a bit less severe in style compared to its big sisters Oakley thump and Oakley Thump 2 in this line. They are styled as a high end pair of sunglassesSplit thump - 2 which could easily pass as a pair of D amp;G or Gucci��s.
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