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Fred Delventhal

TYPEDRAWiNG | created by - 0 views

    This is my new project : A New Type Board . I named this software "typedrawing". I feel a great interest in application or software to communicate and represent one's mind and thougth through internet. Board(bbs) is very easy and useful thing for communicating. and board is evolving day by day such as blog. but why we have to type words in the same way such as typing from left to right. that is typical and easy to recognize but not interesting, sometimes boring. This is one of the easy and exquisite way of showing one's word. You can say anything with your letters by drawing them. Feel free to represent your types and words to say. It's just a easy and funny thing. I'm looking for your beautiful typedrawing and take a look around other's work.
Jeff Johnson

Professional Learning Board Community Toolbar - 0 views

  • Of Teachers. For Teachers. By Teachers. Stay connected with the Professional Learning Board toolbar!
    Of Teachers. For Teachers. By Teachers. Stay connected with the Professional Learning Board toolbar!
Professional Learning Board

Free Gift for Teachers and News from Professional Learning Board - 0 views

    Thank YOU Teachers for all you do in education, this FREE online course is for you from Professional Learning Board!
Joe Dixon

The Magic Table Reveal - 0 views

    If you use the Notebook software and a SMART Board you have to check this out! This is awesome! Tables, introduced in Notebook 10, have proven to be a great tool for teachers to create simple activities.  Recently TeqSmart discovered a new way to  use
Paul Boyer

Teaching with Games: GLPC Case Study: Ginger - 9 views

    • Paul Boyer
      Particularly interesting to me in light of the special needs applications.
    The Joan Ganz Cooney Center released new research from the Games and Learning Publishing Council initiative. They conducted a series of video case studies and a national survey, Teacher Attitudes about Digital Games in the Classroom, undertaken in collaboration with and support from BrainPOP®. Each video case study shows an individual teacher who integrates digital games into his or her curriculum in exciting and innovative ways. This video features Ginger Stevens, a 6th grade special-education teacher at Quest2Learn in New York City. This video case study shows how she utilizes the intentionally game-like environment of her school to maximize learning for students with special needs.   Talks about kids interacting with each other AND digital images projected onto the floor and connected to the computer. Essentially a floor-based white board
David Wetzel

6 Tips and Tricks for Using Interactive White Boards - 19 views

    Interactive whiteboards (IWB) allow science and math teachers to teach multi-sensory lessons, seamlessly jumping from one type of media to another. Interactive science or math lessons can easily integrate text, sound, video, and graphics based on the tactile nature of the IWB.
Cathy Arreguin

Nabble - Free Forum Hosting - 0 views

    Free forums for everyone! Start a free forum on Nabble; embed a free forum on your website; customize a forum to exactly match your website; provide free message board hosting; create free discussion group; archive mailing list; free standard forum like phpBB, vBulletin and SMF.
Jim Farmer

Twiddla - 0 views

    Collaborative white boarding online. You can import websites to work on as well. Easy to use.
Fred Delventhal

The Gong Project - The Web Voice Communication Tool - 0 views

    Gong is a free system for voice communication on the Web. It allows groups of people such as students and teachers to participate in discussion groups using their computers, using both synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous chat. It is commonly used by schools and universities for providing a 'voice board' for teaching purposes. There are several different ways you can use Gong. All are free and unlimited
Professional Learning Board

Teacher Resources, Tools & Giveaways for the week ( Oct 6 - Oct 13, 2012) - 9 views

    TOOLS Sploder Make your own educational games online. Remember the Milk Manage activities and tasks. Dabbleboard A virtual white board to create, collaborate and share presentations, homework assignments or study sessions.
Professional Learning Board

Teacher Resources, Tools & Giveaways for the week ( Aug 11 - 18, 2012) - 13 views

    Plan Board Organize your day and lesson plans using this tool. Flip snack Publish pdf documents into flipping books. Tikatok Create ebooks, upload images, add author biography and save them.
Tom julick

3G Iphone is Planning To Launch In China By The End Of 2008 - 0 views

    As expected by many other industry insiders, last Monday Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the new 3G iphone at company��s Worldwide Developers Conference. This notable new iphone is more than half of cheaper than its predecessor and support 3G network. More interesting, Jobs implied us that the new iphone will enter China mainland by the end of this year by demonstrate its Chinese input functionalities personally; he imputed a chinese character
Jeff Johnson

AVI CHAI Educational Technology: Using SRS with PowerPoint and Smart Board makes techno... - 0 views

  • Recently, I had the opportunity to experiment with the Student Response System (SRS), or the Clickers, as it is commonly called. This emerging technology of classroom management and Response system is relatively new. However, teachers and students can already take advantage of its very promising benefits.
Cerese Godfrey

Cerese's Conversations - Cerese Godfrey [CereseG] on Plurk - 0 views

shared by Cerese Godfrey on 26 Sep 09 - Cached
  • cfox2saysalong the bottom there is a plurk lottery where
  • g_teachasksGingerTPLC to check her PPsKathsaysgood evening all. Just got home from Baker class. 24 students in class this evening. Lots of questio
  • CereseGhatesto think of going to work the rest of this year. I am so tire of this upheavals!!...111/11StacysaysSo, if you're 15 and you cry, you can get through to the male judges?...51/11Stacysaysshould I shovel now or wait until tomorrow?...12g_teachsaysdownloaded a chess app for my iPod4bknittlewonderswhich of my plurk pals will be heading to EduCon....2McTeach Seriously, I absolutely hate leaving a meeting feeling that angry at how MY time is of no value to administrators!...1elainejsaysday was mtgs from start to now. Yikes! Need to go to the groc then home to take something for my throat....Godtessshareshave you seen My Blackberry is not Working? ...3Amy Cordova I am tired!1/11Stacysayscheck it out: contracts negotiated, proposals written - now wait on 6 boards to approve or deny, 15 others are onboard!...9angiemc99askswhen something has to go in your day...what do you drop? (Due to lack of time)
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Janelle Catlett :: Words that stick - 4 views

    An online NOTICE BOARD maker. It is ideal for making announcements, wishing people, keeping notes, and things you can do with Post-its.
Jonathan Wylie

Interactive Whiteboard Games for Classroom Review Activities - 17 views

    These interactive whiteboard games are a great way to review units of study in the classroom. All are based on popular TV shows and are fun and engaging for the whole class. Download the templates, customize them to your own needs, and you will be ready to play these great games on an interactive whiteboard or LCD projector.
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