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Anne Bubnic

Best content in ISTE 2011 | Diigo Groups - 21 views

    Twitter and backchanneling sessions only capture information for finite periods of time. This site will be used to store all of the great links and resources discovered through ISTE 2011 (Jun 26-29, 2011) so you can retrieve them at home. Please join with me and share your favorite links.
Steve Fulton

Teaching with Technology in the Middle: Diigo for Digital Writing Reflection - 24 views

  • They've used it to keep track of information they find on the web, to share information with our class group, and
  • because of their proficiency with it that when an idea came to me today 5 minutes before the start of class of a new purpose for which I could have my students use Diigo
    My most recent post about how I had my students use Diigo to assess thinking and learning in their blog writing.
Professional Learning Board

Social Bookmarking in Education - 15 views

    Many educators just use the favorites menu on their computer either at work or home. But what about when we're at home and need to get to a site we saved at school? This is where social bookmarking comes in! Bookmarking favorite links on the internet is something that can make life easier for us as educators - it means that it's easy to find a really neat site later when looking for it. Putting SOCIAL in Bookmarking The social part of social bookmarking works like this: you can share your links that you've saved through a service like Diigo with anyone else who uses Diigo. You can also use Diigo to see the interesting links that your friends and other people bookmark - this can be extremely useful for a team of teachers who like to share teaching resources. You can even search Diigo to find the many bookmarks that others have saved - it helps sort out the good sites, which is hard to do on most search engines. If a lot of other teachers have saved a link, you know it's at least popular. This article also addresses "What is tagging?" and "How do I use tags?"
David Wetzel

6 Top Free Online Tools for Support Teaching and Learning - 18 views

    The six top free online tools were selected from available web 2.0 tools for teaching and learning using presentations, blogging, and bookmarking online resources. There are many excellent online tools available in these three categories, making the selection difficult at best. However, the selection was made based on reviewing available online resources along with other contributions and feedback from teachers.
A.T. Garcia

Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook: Teachers Take to Twitter - 17 views

    Some educators are finding that helpful ideas and advice can come in 140 characters or fewer.
Dr.Ravichandra Karkal


Hi Darren, Welcome to the Diigo community! Thanks for the note. Is there a way to include / showcase diigo in your list :-) By the way, have you checked out the new Diigo educator accounts ...


Rudy Garns

The Connected Classroom: DIG-ging diigo... - 0 views

  • But I recently read something, somewhere that diigo had a new improved tool bar and started to read up on the other Diigo features including the ablility for messaging, creating lists of bookmarks, the ability to turn bookmarks into slideshows, tagrolls and linkrolls, a Firefox sidebar, a Facebook application, blog integration
Rudy Garns

Streamline It Part I: Diigo or Bust : Metanoia - 1 views

  • Here I was using Diigo, Delicious, Google Notebook, and Zotero for my researching, bookmarking, annotating, and sharing. While all strong tools in their own right, it is pretty clear looking at this list that this is what some would call OVER DOING IT!
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