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David Wetzel

How to Make Science or Math Flash Cards for an iPod like a Pro - 16 views

    "Ever wondered how to make science or math flash cards for students to use with their mobile devices? This typically comes about because finding science and math flash cards specific to a particular concept, topic area, or unit is difficult. Often when appropriate flash cards are found, they are too expensive or need modification. Technological advances have uncomplicated the process of making tailor made free flash cards for students."
Vahid Masrour

FREE PowerPoint Twitter Tools | SAP Web 2.0 - 20 views

    Oh. My. god. Amazing.
Jerry Swiatek

Preezo - Presentations for the Web - 0 views

    Create Create professional quality presentations using an ultra-fast Ajax user interface. Access Access your presentations from any computer with an Internet connection and a modern browser. Reuse Reuse images or the content of entire slides from easy to use galleries. Collaborate Save time and reduce headache by collaborating on a centralized web document. Share Distribute presentations to clients and colleages without having to email huge PowerPoint files.
Sue Hellman

How to Insert YouTube Videos in PowerPoint Presentations - 0 views

    I get around this by using Freepath for my presentations but it seems like a helpful series of steps
Jeff Johnson

Office 2008 vs. iWork vs. NeoOffice vs. OpenOffice - 0 views

    One man's opinion: The more I use these, the more I really don't care for iWork. Sure, Keynote makes some darned pretty presentations, but NeoOffice (and OpenOffice for the matter) cuts the mustard quite handily. For real polish, you still can't beat Office 2007/2008, as much as I hate to admit it. What do you think? 3.0 looks to rock out loud too. Is iWork irrelevant, or is it just me? Reread the repost below and I'll give this some more thought next week when I'm back from vacation.
Lisa Johnson, Ph.D.

ZaidLearn: Is PowerPoint Evil? (Part 3) - 0 views

    Ok, so I like this link because it emphasizes one often ignored point about "powerpoint" and similar softwares ... they're PRESENTATION tools, not online tools per se. I am rather surprised to find that many faculty are still loading publisher or home-grown Face-2-Face slide presentations into online courses and calling it engaging content... no, clipart is NOT engaging!
    This ZaidLearn article is a good primer for anyone preparing a F2F presentation that is not intended for Web distribution... opinion alert! Seems we should respect these as two different mediums!
Jeff Johnson

SlideShare is the best place to share presentations - 0 views

    Just shared this out with staff who are requiring students to create powerpoints for their courses. This really will eliminate the need to download files for eval.
    SlideShare is the best way to share and find presentations. Share publicly or privately. Add audio to make a webinar.
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