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Justin Reeve

Piktochart | Infographic App & Presentation Tool - 18 views

    Learn how to create stunning infographics - without spending hundreds of dollars on a graphic designer or losing your mind - in just 30 minutes or less. From word clouds to network data visualizations, infographics have become a primary format for content in a relatively short period of time. Although the "infographic" is nothing new, its proliferation and evolution has been nothing short of exponential in the past few years. Whether you love them or hate them, the rising popularity of infographics can't be denied.
Maggie Verster | create and share visual ideas online - 5 views

    create and share visual ideas online vhemes are visual themes. drag and drop a vheme onto your canvas for easy creation of your visual idea!
Allyssa Andersen

Gapminder: Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view. - - 18 views

    Hans Rosling's infographics site. My mind has officially been blown.
Fred Delventhal

WeatherSpark | Interactive Weather Charts - 14 views

    "WeatherSpark is a new type of weather website, with interactive weather graphs that allow you to pan and zoom through the entire history of any weather station on earth. Get multiple forecasts for the current location, overlaid on records and averages to put it all in context. "
Lisa Winebrenner

Chrome Experiments - Home - 9 views

    Not your mother's JavaScript
Cathy Arreguin

Visible Tweets - Twitter Visualisations. Now with added prettiness! - 16 views

    Visualize tweets from Twitter using all Twitter search operators. Great as side screen back channel for conferences. Attractive Loving the idea of using this to elicit multiple viewpoints.
Kimberly Driscoll

Tagxedo - Word Cloud with Styles - 18 views

    Welcome to Tagxedo, tag cloud with styles I'm glad to introduce to you a brand-new application, Tagxedo, now in beta! Tagxedo turns words -- famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes, even your love letters -- into a visually stunning tag cloud, words individually sized appropriately to highlight the frequencies of occurence within the body of text.
    Just like Wordle but many more creative uses!
Dianne Krause

GeoCommons Maker! - 18 views

    "Professional cartography is now in your hands. Maker! was designed by cartographers with an eye for detail. Style your map with shaded thematics, proportional symbols, and more. Maker! makes the tough statistical and cartographic decisions for you. Anyone can build complex, data-rich maps."
Dean Mantz

Interactive Excel Spreadsheets - 23 views

  • Excelets are interactive Excel spreadsheets or simulations of mathematical models.
  • It is assumed that users of this guide are experienced with the use of Excel
Allison Kipta

AuthorMapper - Scientific Research and Author Locations Globally - 3 views

    "AuthorMapper searches journal articles and plots the location of the authors on a map."
Allison Kipta

VisualBlooms » home - 13 views

    "Those of us that provide staff development around instructional technology have identified a need to share more than just tools with teachers. To evaluate them based on Bloom's Taxonomy is simply a way to connect the tools to those that would be identified with the Affective, Psychomotor, or Cognitive domains--specifically the Cognitive. The visual that you see here is the seed of discussion. There are other models in the section to the left called "Ideas for the Visual." I would hope that the critical analysis of what we've started here includes attention to the fact that we are building something from the ground up, starting conversations and collaborating around doing what's best for kids and teachers."
Jeff Johnson

Debategraph - 0 views

    Our goal is to make the best arguments on all sides of any public debate freely available to all and continuously open to challenge and improvement by all.
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