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Lisa Winebrenner

Keyboard shortcuts for Google documents - Google Docs Help - 7 views

    A list of keyboard shortcuts for Google documents. If you're looking for keyboard shortcuts for comments and discussions in Google documents, you can visit the comments and discussions guide.  If you use a Mac, you can use the shortcuts below by replacing Ctrl with Command key (or 'Apple' key), and Alt with the option key.
David Wetzel

20 Google Doc Templates for use in Science and Math Classrooms - 23 views

    Google Docs is an easy-to-use online word processor that enables you to create, store, share, and collaborate on documents with your science and math students. You can even import any existing document from Word and Simple Text. You can work from anywhere and with any computer platform to access your documents.
Tami Brass

bookgoo - Highlight the World - 0 views

    Bookgoo allows you to highlight and annotate your documents in the same way you would mark up a piece of paper with a highlighter and pen! Get started with bookgoo in 3 easy steps: STEP 1 - Upload your content STEP 2 - Highlight and annotate your document STEP 3 - Share your document with others
Jeff Johnson

Scrivener (MacWorld) - 0 views

    Scrivener organizes each writing project, or draft, as a series of folders and files; each project can include relevant keywords, notes, and a brief synopsis. Outline and corkboard views provide drag-and-drop reordering of these elements, and the Edit Scrivenings button displays selected documents, or the entire draft, as a single document. It's easy to assign custom labels for chapters, concepts, character sheets, and such, or set a status-first draft, rewrite, final draft-for individual draft items. But you can't do so for multiple documents at once, which can prove annoying.
Jerry Swiatek

Noteflight - Sign In - 2 views

    We built Noteflight because we looked at where software is today, and saw that applications for writing music were stuck in the past. We wanted to accomplish a few important goals: Make it easy to create and share written music online. People who make music -- amateurs and professionals, students and teachers -- want to share that music with others, sooner or later. But most software for working with notated music treats the Internet as an afterthought: it's geared to saving your music on your own computer's hard disk, not to sharing your music with other people. It's painful to share musical scores online today, and as software inventors, we knew how much better it could be. People expect to be able to do their creative work wherever they go, and a crop of new browser-based applications make it incredibly easy to create and publish word-processing documents or spreadsheets online. We feel musical documents should be just as accessible. Empower developers to build a new world of musical and educational applications. Applications today should be not only powerful tools, but building blocks that can be combined in ways that their creators have never foreseen. A truly powerful musical application should be extensible without having to open it up and change the code. Adding new instruments and symbols, or embedding in a page and building new kinds of connections with other content -- all of these things should be possible. A great tool lets creative people not only use its built-in capabilities, but extend them and freely reorganize them in new ways. As Bertrand Meyer, a pioneer of software thinking, once put it: "Real systems have no top". Encourage a vibrant community of users by keeping the basics free. Music notation software vendors continue to charge high prices for boxed software, CD and DVD distribution media, and printed manuals. Then once you buy something, you're basically stuck with it until the next major upgrade cycle comes around, at which point you pa
Jim Farmer

LOOP Apps, Merge Microsoft Office Documents, Automate Document Creation, Convert to PDF - 0 views

    Combine multiple formats of documents into a pdf.
Allison Kipta

Web Meeting, Document Sharing | ShowDocument - 1 views

    Show Document is a Net Meeting platform for instantaneous and spontaneous online meetings where people can work together on the same document at the same time. All the Net Meeting collaborative services can be used to work together at the same time. The web meeting platform offers the following interactive services
Cathy Arreguin

DocsTeach - 27 views

    Ready-to-use tools for teaching with documents in the classroom. More than 3,000 primary sources selected from the National Archives. Created online activities and opportunities to select documents/activities. Many higher level thinking skill-based activities. Some activities include student reporting out via email/etc.  REALLY GREAT SITE!
Dianne Rees

Free Technology for Teachers: Synch Microsoft Office with Google Docs - 14 views

    "Cloud Connect is a free plugin for Microsoft Office that will enable you to synch your documents to Google Documents. "
Caroline Bucky-Beaver

Document Camera Ideas | Instructional Technology Specialist - 0 views

    List of ideas for using document cameras in the classroom. Mainly elementary ideas.
Rick L

Wikipedia:Transclusion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 0 views

  • Transclusion is generally the inclusion of the content of a document into another document by reference. In the Wikipedian context, it is the use of the template functionality of MediaWiki to include the same content in multiple documents without having to edit those documents separately.
    • Rick L
      Wikipedia take on the concept of transclusion
Fred Delventhal

GreatSummary - Summarize a Document - 0 views

    GreatSummary can summarize text from web pages or text pasted from another document.
Lisa M Lane

Share and mark up documents online | crocodoc - 21 views

shared by Lisa M Lane on 04 Mar 10 - Cached
    Invite anyone to collaborate on PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint slides
Allison Kipta

Adobe - Documents - 0 views

    Adobe® Buzzword® is a proven and robust online word processor - perfect for writing reports, proposals, and anything else you need to access online or work on with others. Everyone can access the latest version of a document, share feedback, and respond to each other's comments from any computer. Built on the Adobe Flash® Platform, Buzzword looks and behaves like a desktop application, but it operates inside a web browser.
Lisa Winebrenner

Google A-Z - 22 views

    Google A-Z Anything missing? Contact me at or @pbeens. Thanks! This document is now simultaneously published as a webpage at (better for embedding or when there are a high number of viewers)
Tiffanie Wick

Make your meetings memorable - 13 views

    A free meeting, screen sharing app with audio.  Sends everyone a copy of the shared documents and audio recording.
Lisa Winebrenner

Educational Jargon Generator - 7 views

    This fine academic tool was designed to assist in the writing of reports, grant applications, and other documents related to public schools. I believe that it will be particularly useful for people involved in writing reports for WASC accreditation. Amaze your colleagues with finely crafted phrases of educational nonsense! The javascript code is adapted from's Web Economy BS Generator. I would be remiss if I did not thank my district's Professional Development staff for introducing me to many of these gems.
Judy Robison

The History 2.0 Classroom: Choose Your Own Adventure Videos: Tutorial - 8 views

    "tutorial provides the technical insight into how to upload and link YouTube videos with the built in Annotation & Spotlight feature. However, the most critical aspect of these projects is the planning. Below the video is the document used to plan and organize videos."
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