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Alfonso Canady

What is Poll Everywhere? - 20 views

    Using this website you can poll your students about politics, current events or even quiz them on the fly through sms text messages, twitter, or the web.
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    'Poll Everywhere replaces expensive proprietary audience response hardware with standard web technology. It's the easiest way to gather live responses in any venue: conferences, presentations, classrooms, radio, tv, print - anywhere. It can help you to raise money by letting people pledge via text messaging. And because it works internationally with texting, web, or Twitter, its simplicity and flexibility are earning rave reviews.'
    I have never heard about it before. Thanks for introducing this tool to us, this is definitely helpful in teaching!
    It's a paid tool if I were to use it via sms across the globe unfortunately. Personally I prefer using Socrative.
Michèle Drechsler

Socialbookmarking and Education - 9 views

socialbookmarking éducation survey

started by Michèle Drechsler on 21 Jul 09 no follow-up yet
Mark Chambers

Yacapaca! - Home - 1 views

    Create quizzes, surveys, tests, eportfolios and more Discover modify and share assessments Set work for the whole class with a few mouseclicks Mark automatically
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