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multi function portable power station - 2 views

    The PPS300 portable power station is a battery-powered generator that keeps your gear charged up and ready wherever you are. From traveling, camping to home backup, you can effortlessly carry around, this portable battery power station will help you get convenient and consistent power.

portable power station cost - 2 views

    Portable energy storage power supply is a green and environmentally product, it has a variety of output modes:AC output 100V-240V pure sine wave output, DC output 5V 9V 12V 24V. Portable battery power supply has an LED lighting system to provide bright outdoors. This product is characterized by pure sine wave output and high conversion efficiency. It is controlled by professional software and equipped with an LCD smart display.
Judy Robison Suite | - Portable software for USB drives - 0 views

  • Suite™ is a collection of portable apps including a web browser, email client, office suite, calendar/scheduler, instant messaging client, antivirus, sudoku game, backup utility and integrated menu, all preconfigured to work portably. J

Portable Power Sprayer Manufacturer and Supplier in India - 0 views

    Aspee Jonathan power spray pump is a tractor sprayer for spraying pesticide in agriculture is easy to handle. Visit us for hand compression battery sprays.

List of Sprayers Used in Agriculture | Aspee Product Catalogue - 0 views

    We are online exporter of sprayers used in agriculture like battery sprayer, hand compression sprayer, portable power sprayer, tea plucking machine etc.
Jany Fernandez

Scopeprice | DJI Osmo vs. Hero5 Black - 0 views

    The OSMO is a 4K camera system that enables you to capture your world from a personal perspective in a way that exceeds the capabilities of regular action cams. It has an advanced camera stabilizers (aka gimbals). And they are becoming more portable than ever. This gimbal ensures that the DJI X3 12.4 Mp camera is always level and stable.
Tammy Jin

Ocean girl bodysuit swimsuit # 22.95 : Swimwear and Beachwear | Swimsuits - 0 views

    Fabric: Polyester Size: S,M,L  Products include: one piece set, Color: Reds,Blues Product instructions: Teddy swim skirt, personal and portable, reduce resistance, help you better swim in the water.Upper torso vest style, wearing comfortable foot is stable; swim briefs, tailored, can visually lengthen the leg line.
intermixed intermixed

Lunettes De Soleil Chanel Une - 0 views

La Thaïlande a repéré un «appareil non identifié» changeant plusieurs fois de direction en examinant les données radars du moment où le vol MH370 de Malaysia Airlines a perdu le contact avec le con...

Lunettes De Soleil Carrera Chanel Cadre Rectangle

started by intermixed intermixed on 20 Mar 14 no follow-up yet
intermixed intermixed

lacoste homme pas cher En cas de vice - 0 views

Pour le seul pôle financier du parquet de Paris, plus de 100 dossiers sont concernés. Dans un autre domaine, l'affaire du sang contaminé instruite à Paris par la juge Marie-Odile Bertella-Geffroy, ...

lacoste pas cher homme polo laoste

started by intermixed intermixed on 19 Jun 14 no follow-up yet
Jonathan Wylie

Mobile Learning Technologies for 21st Century Classrooms - 0 views

    The mobile revolution is here. More and more schools are moving toward mobile learning in the classroom as a way to take advantage of a new wave of electronic devices that offer portability and ease of use on a budget.
Meri Walker

Download Suite and Platform | - Portable software for... - 0 views

    Full suite of software to run from a jumpdrive on a Netbook. Different size downloads depending on memory of the Netbook. Nice!
lisandro mierez

Download PNG reference library: libpng from - 0 views

    Reference library for supporting the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format.
Martin Burrett

Litfy - E-books - 0 views

    This is a great looking e-book site. View thousands of titles and read them online and on your portable device. You can also make notes on the pages.
Mendi Benigni

Mobile Teaching Versus Mobile Learning (EDUCAUSE Quarterly) | EDUCAUSE - 0 views

    • Mendi Benigni
      It seems like it's more about multimedia stimulating the brain in different areas rather than the fact that it's mobile or portable.
  • need to move beyond the heavy reliance on text.
  • lot of digital books floating around, being hailed as amazing advancements in teaching and learning. Although I know the majority of materials currently available to students on their portable multimedia consumption devices are still primarily text-based, maybe including a static image or two (see Figure 3, a color, static digital page with a Venn diagram that is no different from the same page in the printed book5),
  • ...16 more annotations...
  • it's not enough for CourseSmart to make PDF-like copies of textbooks available for students to purchase; instead, we need the type of interactivity we're starting to see from the textbooks available in Inkling.
  • transformative
  • we need to think more systematically about how to design education to facilitate learning
  • We need to provide materials or applications that allow students to practice identifying parts of the body on their mobile multimedia devices before taking the high-stakes midterm or final exam.
  • At minimum we could be asking our students to capture raw material from the real world and engage with it based on the concepts we are teaching them.
  • It's one thing to learn about different architectural styles in a Western Civ or Construction textbook or lecture; it's another to apply what you've learned by going out into the community and taking pictures of buildings and then identifying the architectural influences
  • In both cases the activity of capturing "raw" digital material can lead to further learning or assessment activities where students might develop multimedia projects.
  • a Citrix server with the ability for students to check out laptops and iPads with Citrix running on them gives faculty outside of the art and business departments the ability to require students to manipulate images. For example, Scottsdale Community College in Arizona has a Citrix environment that allows students to access applications like Photoshop on an iPad (Figure 6).
  • engaging
  • away from how instructors teach to how students learn. Research now shows that successful learning needs to be act
  • active
  • connect to the students' prior knowledge
  • simulate real-world experiences
  • To achieve the promise of mobile learning, we have to stop thinking about these powerful mobile multimedia devices as only consumption devices and get students using them as production devices.
  • To achieve the promise of mobile learning, we have to stop thinking about these powerful mobile mu
  • mobile devices not only makes the content more accessible, it also helps students engage the content using multiple senses
Dimitris Tzouris

Skyfire - Mobile Browser for Android, iPhone, and iPad - 28 views

    A portable browser app that includes Flash player. Great workaround to add Flash to iOS.
Adam Caitlin

Accurate People Counter For All Environments - 0 views

    V-Count offers two types of vehicle counting technologies they are inductive burial loop and pressure hose system. The inductive burial loop is an perfect and permanent application and a wire loop is required and this to be buried underground. The pressure hose vechicle counter is a portable or standalone application is counting each axel of vehicles passing over the pressure hose.

How to Make Money with Apps on smartphone - - 0 views

    Smartphones are all the rage these days. They are convenient, conventional, and portable. You can accomplish so much with a smartphone and earn money is only but one of them. It's easier than you think! All you have to do is install applications that will shovel in the money. That being said, here are a few good apps to get you started. Read more
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