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Daily Kool

The Daily Kool: Today's Kool Idea: Snap Capp Reclosable Can Tops - 0 views

    We at The Daily Kool are huge soda drinkers. Oh yeah, we love them all...from Coca Cola to Orange Crush to Canada Dry Ginger Ale, each one of us has our own soft drink obsession. Are we the picture of good, healthy habits, or what? We're actually pretty good about drinking mostly water, especially since we've found Fiji, but sometimes, we just have have a can of soda with a nice meal. There's just something about the fizzy tickling sensation going down the back of the throat, coupled with just the right amount of sweetness...ah, instant satisfaction.
Daily Kool

Today's Kool Idea: Pour Thing 1 Gallon and 2 Litter Pouring Device - 0 views

    Sunday, our two boys decided to surprise us with a delicious breakfast in bed...a bowl of cereal is the extent of their culinary talents. As we were listening to them bustle about downstairs (yes, we know everything that goes on in our house), we had a debate as to who would spill milk all over the floor...yep, it was the seven year old! Poor things...they were so upset! Independence is always so important to little ones, but let's face it...those gallon jugs of milk are heavy! After we dried the kids tears and cleaned up the mess, we all sat down together for a family discussion...the thought was wonderful, but maybe next time they should surprise just one of us and recruit the other to help. Milk containers are just not designed with kids in mind.
nicole smith

Soda Siphon Recipes - 0 views

shared by nicole smith on 06 Jan 09 - Cached
    consist of three recipes: Brooklyn Egg Cream, Italian Soda, Old Fashioned Ice Cream soda
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