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Dario Izzo

Kaggle: making data science a sport - 2 views

    Old post from Luis brought back from graveyard.....

    At least two good ideas to put there:

    1) tipping points prediction
    2) planetary phases for trajectory transfer

    and probably many more if we think about it a bit more
Ma Ru

Olympus BioScapes 2011 Winners Gallery - 5 views

    An out-of-this-world gallery...
    Can my camera do bessel beam super-resolution structured illumination microscopy too??
Luís F. Simões

Mapping Dark Matter Case Study - Kaggle - 3 views

  • Mapping Dark Matter competition to encourage the development of new algorithms that can measure the way dark matter causes tiny distortions in images of galaxies by changing their ellipticity, or how their shapes are stretched.
    Blog posts describing the approaches followed by the contestants that ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
Luís F. Simões

Google AI Challenge: Ants - 2 views

    "Ants is a multi-player strategy game set on a plot of dirt with water for obstacles and food that randomly drops. Each player has one or more hills where ants will spawn. The objective is for players to seek and destroy the most enemy ant hills while defending their own hills. Players must also gather food to spawn more ants, however, if all of a player's hills are destroyed they can't spawn any more ants."
Luís F. Simões

Coding for Outer Space - A Programming Contest | Google Lunar X PRIZE - 1 views

  • This weekend, programmers from all over Europe will be gearing up to compete in the 5'th Catalysts Coding Coding Contest (CCC'11). This year, the theme is Astronautics.
  • The competition is also open to online participants.
  • Individuals or teams of up to three people will be given a series of challenging problems that must be solved as quickly as possible.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • As a contestant, you must conceive of a proper solution and produce the correct output in order to advance to the next level. How you get there is completely up to you. You may use any computational means at your disposal.
  • Online contestants will not be eligible for prizes – they compete for glory alone.
    who is interested in following this a bit closer?
Luís F. Simões

Kaggle: Crowdsourcing Data Modeling - 2 views

  • Kaggle is an innovative solution for statistical/analytics outsourcing. We are the leading platform for data modeling and prediction competitions. Companies, governments and researchers present datasets and problems - the world's best data scientists then compete to produce the best solutions. At the end of a competition, the competition host pays prize money in exchange for the intellectual property behind the winning model.
Juxi Leitner

UK Space Agency - UK Space Agency to launch Britain's first CubeSat - 2 views

    haha, seems super small !!!

SpaceX Undercut Competition to Clinch Head turning Iridium Deal | - 0 views

    very nice success by what we called in 2003 "the second space age" ...

    for Joris: (related to the discussion we had the other day)
    But the spacecraft will be assembled, integrated and tested in the United States and will include U.S. hardware, meaning they would not be allowed for launch aboard Indian or Chinese rockets under current U.S. regulations.
Juxi Leitner

StarCraft AI Competition | Expressive Intelligence Studio - 4 views

    The Expressive Intelligence Studio at UC Santa Cruz will be hosting a StarCraft competition:

    This competition enables academic researchers to evaluate their AI systems in a robust commercial RTS environment. The final matches will be held live with commentary. Exhibition matches will also be held between skilled human players and the top performing bots.

NASA Robotics - Robotics Alliance Project - 0 views

    most of you probably already know the site but still worth having a look at it from time to time ... they just releast the new FIRST competition ...

2008 International Model Your Campus Competition - 0 views

    Google asks: Are you a Supermodel(er)? Show us.

Google Lunar X PRIZE Foundation - 0 views

    This is also a competition...
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