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SpaceX Undercut Competition to Clinch Head turning Iridium Deal | - 0 views

    very nice success by what we called in 2003 "the second space age" ...

    for Joris: (related to the discussion we had the other day)
    But the spacecraft will be assembled, integrated and tested in the United States and will include U.S. hardware, meaning they would not be allowed for launch aboard Indian or Chinese rockets under current U.S. regulations.

BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Plans for UK satellite launcher - 0 views

    ".... taking at least 50kg of payload into a polar orbit with a minimum altitude of 400km (248 miles), but engineers would aim to get significant additional performance.
    "We'd be looking at a range from 50 to up to a maximum of 200kg because you'd want to do different sizes of satellite," said Mr Whitehorn."
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