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Exposed subsurface ice sheets in the Martian mid-latitudes - 1 views

    Some locations on Mars are known to have water ice just below the surface, but how much has remained unclear. Dundas et al. used data from two orbiting spacecraft to examine eight locations where erosion has occurred. This revealed cliffs composed mostly of water ice, which is slowly sublimating as it is exposed to the atmosphere. The ice sheets extend from just below the surface to a depth of 100 meters or more and appear to contain distinct layers, which could preserve a record of Mars' past climate. They might even be a useful source of water for future human exploration of the red planet.
Juxi Leitner

Nasa scientists find evidence of flowing water on Mars | Science | The Guardian - 2 views


Plant sciences: Plants drink mineral water : Nature : Nature Publishing Group - 1 views

    Here we go: we might not need liquid water after all on mars to get some nice flowering plants there! ... and terraform ? :-)

    Thirsty plants can extract water from the crystalline structure of gypsum, a rock-forming mineral found in soil on Earth and Mars.

    Some plants grow on gypsum outcrops and remain active even during dry summer months, despite having shallow roots that cannot reach the water table. Sara Palacio of the Pyrenean Institute of Ecology in Jaca, Spain, and her colleagues compared the isotopic composition of sap from one such plant, called Helianthemum squamatum (pictured), with gypsum crystallization water and water found free in the soil. The team found that up to 90% of the plant's summer water supply came from gypsum.

    The study has implications for the search for life in extreme environments on this planet and others.

    Nature Commun 5, 4660 (2014)
    Very interesting indeed. Attention is to be put on the form of calcium sulfate that is found on Mars. If it is hydrated (gypsum Ca(SO4)*2(H2O)) it works, but if it is dehydrated there is no water for the roots to take in.

    The Curiosity Rover tries to find out, but has uncertainty in recognising the hydrogen presence in the mineral:

    Copying :

    3.2 Hydration state of calcium sulfates
    Calcium sulfates occur as a non-hydrated phase (anhydrite, CaSO4) or as one of two
    hydrated phases (bassanite, CaSO4.1/2H2O, which can contain a somewhat variable water
    content, and gypsum, CaSO4.2H2O). ChemCam identifies the presence of hydrogen at 656 nm,
    as already found in soils and dust [Meslin et al., 2013] and within fluvial conglomerates
    [Williams et al., 2013]. However, the quantification of H is strongly affected by matrix effects
    [Schröder et al., 2013], i.e. effects including major or even minor element chemistry, optical and
    mechanical properties, that can result in variations of emission lines unrelated to actual
    quantitative variations of the element in question in the sample. Due to these effects,
    discriminating between bassanite and gypsum is difficult. (...)"
Thijs Versloot

New evidence for oceans of water deep in the Earth @Science - 0 views

    Researchers from Northwestern University and the University of New Mexico report evidence for potentially oceans worth of water deep beneath the United States. Though not in the familiar liquid form-the ingredients for water are bound up in rock deep in the Earth's mantle-the discovery may represent the planet's largest water reservoir.
Athanasia Nikolaou

Water in the supercritical region of the P-T phase diagram (ISS experiment) - 1 views

    Bringing water to that supercritical phase (high pressurization and temperature) renders it into an oxidation agent of organic material with pure CO_2 and H2O as products. Less waste volume in the ISS. Also, all contained salts precipitate out at that phase.
Ma Ru

Nice, eye-opening figure about wasting food - 0 views

    "Roughly one quarter of all the water that humans take from the planet goes into food that nobody eats"... and such

Evidence for Water Ice Near Mercury's North Pole from MESSENGER Neutron Spectrometer Me... - 1 views

    Water ice on mercury!!!

Equilibrated High-Density Amorphous Ice and Its First-Order Transition to the Low-Densi... - 1 views

    water does not seem to be water ... or there seem to be two waters somehow ...

[1202.1272] Numerical computations of facetted pattern formation in snow crystal growth - 2 views

    Just in time for the end of the winter ....
Joris _

Water-Powered Spaceship Could Make Spaceflight Cheaper | Space Travel and Exploration |... - 1 views

    what to think about that? spoiling important ressources, smart idea?, and is it really cheap?
Isabelle DB

Global Warning - a project of the National Security Journalism Initiative - 0 views

    "WASHINGTON, D.C. - In a three-month investigation, a team of Northwestern University student reporters has found that the US nation's security establishment is not adequately prepared for many of the environmental changes that are coming faster than predicted and that threaten to reshape demands made on the military and intelligence community. This is despite the fact that the Defense Department has called climate change a potential "accelerant of instability."

    The Medill School of Journalism graduate student team began publication on January 10 of its findings on the national security implications of climate change with a series of print, video and interactive stories."
Joris _

BBC News - Old star wallows in 'steam bath' - 0 views

  • an old giant star wallows in a "steam bath"
  • These spectrometers were able to confirm that CW Leonis' water was present very close in to the star, all the way down to near its surface - far too close to have come from comets.

China To Spend CNY1 Billion To Protect Rural Environment - - Corporate Soc... - 1 views

    interesting initiative - also with respect to "space and water" a theme we should explore a bit better in my view ...
Joris _

Evidence of Liquid Water on Enceladus Found - Cassini data have been used to reach this... - 0 views

    cool let's go find life on enceladus! oh no we are going to Jupiter first... no more saturn before... 20...30...years !?

Blue Energy - 0 views

    Something for Oisin?

Mini nuclear plants to power 20,000 homes | - 0 views

    another one - not much detail given though ... anybody has a large garden?
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