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Zohar Manor-Abel

More Truth About Twitter | Information Is Beautiful - 3 views

    Great stats on twitter - imagining that it was made up of 100 people.

    - 20 people would be dead
    - 5 people would be creating 75% of all tweets
    - 55 would be women and 45 would be men
    - only 5 people would have more than 100 followers (although that kind of breaks the metaphor a bit)
avivajazz  jazzaviva

Twitter Maps for Social Network Analysis | InFlow - 1 views

    When choosing a map - especially a social network map - which do you prefer - pretty or useful? In an ideal world I would take pretty useful, but forced to choose between the two I'll take useful. Here are two social graphs taken from my Twitter following data. -Valdis Krebs, InFlow, Social Network Analysis Expert
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