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Gordon Herd

FFHolic - Friendfeed on the rocks! - 15 views

    FFHolic - Friendfeed on the rocks!
Jennifer Neeley

LinkedIn Nirvana - Free Webinar! - 0 views

    Think LinkedIn is just a place to publish your resume or post jobs? Think again! This fast-growing social network is innovating all the time and has integrated features you can jump in and use right now: Answers, Companies and Groups. Learn how to engage and use this social network as the ultimate lead generation and thought-leadership tool!
Diego Morelli

News Aggregators & Online Search on Newsflashr - 0 views

    On you can track all the latest news among a variety of newsaggregators, all from a single site: a useful tool for web searches of any kind.
Dr. Sorin Adam Matei

Improvise - 0 views

    Exploratory visualization based on multiple coordinated views is a rapidly growing area of information visualization. Ideally, users would be able to explore their data by switching freely between building and browsing in a flexible, integrated, interactive graphical environment that requires little or no programming skill to use. However, the possibilities for displaying data across multiple views depends on the flexibility of coordination, the expressiveness of graphical encoding, and the ability of users to comprehend the structure of their visualizations as they work. As a result, exploration has been limited in practice to a small fraction of useful visualizations. Improvise is a fully-implemented Java software architecture and user interface that enables users to build and browse highly-coordinated visualizations interactively. By coupling a shared-object coordination model with a declarative visual query language, users gain precise control over how navigation and selection affects the appearance of data across multiple views, using a potentially infinite number of variations on well-known coordination patterns such as synchronized scrolling, overview+detail, brushing, drill-down, and semantic zoom. Improvise has been used to build numerous visualizations for exploring information including election results, particle trajectories, network loads, music collections, the chemical elements, and even the dynamic coordination structure of its own visualizations in situ. This last technique-integrated metavisualization-is unique to Improvise.
strm _d

I Hardly Know Her - Flickrviewer - 0 views

    If your Flickr URL is, find yourself at Great, minimalistic Flickr-Viewer
strm _d - 1 views

    Ever wanted to read emails in your favourite feed reader? Signup and login, we are offering you the following features: * completely free !! * support of IMAP * support of POP3 * support of GMAIL * unlimited email accounts * private or public feed * possibility to download attachments * html email content * secure system We offer you the possibility to setup an RSS feed that connects directly to your mailbox. Sometimes you don't have access to your mails, or webmail access is blocked by the firewall of your environment. That's when can be of great use because firewalls won't be blocking our feeds. What are you waiting for? Signup and start feeding your emails!
Frederik Van Zande

SmartMarkUP Universal markup editor and platform! - 0 views

    SmartMarkUP is a lightweight and powerful JavaScript library that allows you to turn any textarea into a fancy markup editor. HTML, CSS, XML, Wiki syntax, BBCode or any other desired markup language can be implemented and/or adjusted to your preferences and business needs. SmartMarkUP doesn't depend on any other JavaScript library and can be integrated with any already existing JavaScript library or code.
yc c

Retriever - 0 views

    Last Update from 2006. Searches Flickr for Images matching to a uploadet image OR matching to a sketch you can draw in a small box.
strm _d - 0 views

    Generates new RSS feeds based upon a keyword related search done within the original feed.
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