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Graham Perrin

First 5,000 Tags Released to the Linked Data Cloud - Open Blog - - 7 views

  • October 29, 2009
  • 5,000 Tags Released
  • Linked Data
  • ...15 more annotations...
  • By Evan Sandhaus AND Rob Larson
  • we have manually mapped
  • person name subject headings
  • Freebase and DBPedia
  • for fun, we also threw in some other tidbits
  • first and last date
  • number of articles about this subject
  • included the NYT Article Search API query
  • widely and freely
  • all data records released at will be published under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License
  • plan to expand
  • each of the nearly 30,000 subject headings
  • locations, organizations and descriptors
  • license and attribution rights to thousands of dbPedia and freebase entities. The rightsHolder assertions are flat-out wrong
  • compliment not supplant
Diego Morelli

Remix Culture, Creative Commons & a Short Stories Project in Literature - 0 views

    A Brisbane-based, international remixable literature project named Remix My Lit released this summer their first publication, "Through the Clock's Workings": it's defined as the world's first remixed and remixable anthology of literature. (continue....)
Diego Morelli

Remix Culture & Fair Use: Best Practices for Online Video - 0 views

    An interesting video I came across about the main issues concerning fair use, copyright, and video mashups. Highlights from my transcription below: We're seeing this blossoming of amateur cultures, video remixes and creativity, and a lot of these works are circulating on the Internet. Copyright law is all about balance........
Diego Morelli

Digital Rights: the "Teaching Copyright" Project by the EFF for Students & Educators - 0 views

    A project by the Electronic Frontier Foundation has been created to help teachers provide accurate informations about the laws concerning digital rights & the concepts of copyright and piracy.
Diego Morelli

Facebook Application for Choosing Your Creative Commons License - 0 views

    A new application for social network Facebook has been developed by Creative Commons for letting Facebook users choose how they would like their content on their profile pages to be shared.
Diego Morelli

Open Source/Free Music & New Models of Selling Music Online - 0 views

    1. Open File Sharing: users must be free to share files on their hard drives with each other. 2. Open File Formats: content must be distributed in MP3 and other formats with NO digital rights management protection. ......
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