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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Marcel Weiss

Marcel Weiss

The OpenID Directory - 2 views

  • Get your OpenID and use these Sites without registering!
Marcel Weiss

Democracy - Internet TV Platform - Free and Open Source - 2 views

    relevant links for users of the democracyplayer
Marcel Weiss

OWL Multimedia » Use YOUR music to find NEW music! - 0 views

  • Use YOUR music to find NEW music. Owl Music Search compares your favorite songs to thousands of others to find similar songs for you to listen to, enjoy, and purchase. Similarity can mean different things to different people, so sometimes you'll find what you're looking for, other times you'll be surprised. Either way, Owl will help you discover a whole new world of music.
  • Owl is music search simplified. Open a song from your personal library Find your favorite part of the song and click "Search" Browse and enjoy hundreds of songs similar to yours!
  • Many of the songs that you'll find here are released under Creative Commons licenses.
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  • Owl has currently indexed over 70,000 songs from commercial and independent song catalogs, including the music sites ccMixter, Magnatune, and Jamendo. As our library grows, so does the fun of using Owl Music Search.
Marcel Weiss

finetune - 0 views

  • pick any artist, we'll build you a custom playlist featuring music by your artist and related artists. you can also click on one of the playlists featured below.
Marcel Weiss

Grooveshark - 0 views

  • Grooveshark is a web-based application for sharing music within a community of music lovers. We distribute DRM-free MP3s across a mostly p2p network. The basic actions a user can take are outlined below.
Marcel Weiss

Network2 TV Online Guide | Home - 0 views

    Network2 is your guide to the best Internet TV shows available. We feature links to the show's individual episodes, an in-line player, and tools to let you take shows with you to your own video browser, desktop, or portable media device.

    Network2 features reviews, opinions, and ratings on the shows featured on the guide. Add your own comments, rate the shows, and add tags that help others find the great content available on the net.

    When you've found your favorites, you can create your own channel. Share it with friends or load it into your video browser like FireAnt or iTunes, even into your portable media player. You're the TV mogul now. Build a channel of shows that match your interests, and share the subscription with others. It's easy.
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