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Phil Taylor

Lisa Nielsen: The Innovative Educator: Resources, stories, and connections with those w... - 0 views

    "Resources, stories, and connections with those who use social media in today's k-12 classrooms"
John Evans

5 Amazing Ways to Collaborate with Another Class | Ed Tech Diva - 7 views

    ""Ms. Clark, when are we going to do that again?" Nothing makes me happier as an educator than hearing those words - and lately I have been hearing them a lot! It is not the question as much as the look on the faces of my students that I enjoy the most. It's the inspiring glow of engagement and enthusiasm and the fire in their eyes that makes me want to keep trying new projects. Their relentless desire to do collaborative-based work is proof that they enjoy the journey, the connections and the role of play in their learning. One of the thrills about being an educator in 2013 is this ability to redefine the typical classroom landscape in this way. This year we did it campus wide with some pretty amazing projects that helped everyone see the value in collaborating, and the immense power of thinking outside the box - in this case, I literally mean the constrictive box of the traditional classroo"
John Evans

The Centre for Global Education - Four Nations Classroom - 4 views

    "October to December, hundreds of students from every corner of the planet connect in a series of meaningful large group and one-on-one encounters."
John Evans

Concrete Classroom: What Do You Do When Your Students Follow You on Twitter? - 5 views

    Be certain to check the responses to this blog post!
John Evans

Professors experiment with Twitter as teaching tool - JSOnline - 0 views

  • Live tweeting
  • "Live tweeting is not easy," Ekechai said, but "they capture the content of the lectures very, very well."

    Twitter also allows faculty members to post links to what they're reading. Students who "follow" a professor's tweets can get a look at the news stories that help inform their professor's lectures or connect with the experts their teachers are following.

  • Essential to field

    Ekechai and Menck see it as their responsibility to teach students about Twitter because social media knowledge is becoming essential to their future fields - communications, advertising, public relations and marketing.

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  • Twitter is helping these professors build community in their classes in a way that appeals to some members of a Facebook-addicted generation. The phenomenon is certainly not ubiquitous, and some professors have found Twitter doesn't do anything for them in the academic realm.
  • But others, particularly those who teach in communications fields, are finding that Twitter and other social media are key devices for students and faculty to include in their professional toolbox.
John Evans

Using Twitter to Break Down Classroom Isolation: 5 Advantages for Teachers Using this T... - 0 views

  • Using Twitter to Break Down Classroom Isolation

    5 Advantages for Teachers Using this Technological Tool in Education

  • Twitter provides a quick method for keeping in touch with other teachers and a way to quickly share information or resources related to current curriculum issues
  • Twitter also provides a quick communication tool for collaboration efforts and group communication between students working on a common project.
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  • Advantages of Twitter in Education

    The following are five advantages for using Twitter in the classroom:

  • Collaborating with Other Teachers
  • Self Reflection about Teaching
  • Remaining Current in Latest Education Trends
  • Building Reliable Networks of Teachers
  • Professional Development and Continuing Education
  • Making Connections about Twitter in Education
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