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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Markus Müller

Markus Müller

Premium or Basic plan - are these subscriptions? - 152 views

diigo premium basic plan subscription
  • Markus Müller
    Are the Diigo Premium and Basic plan subscriptions? What I mean is - are the yearly fees automatically charged to my credit card or paypal account or will I be able to renew my Premium or Basic plan manually?
  • Markus Müller
    Posted this question a long time but no replies here or any response directly from Diigo support where I also asked about this. I would really like to know this before I decide to upgrade to one of the paid plans.

    So, maybe one of the paid users can answer my questions:
    1) Is this an automatically renewing subscription or will I be asked to re-subscribe at due date?
    2) How does cancelling my subscription work if I wish to do so? Is it easy?
  • Markus Müller
    Thanks for the quick answer.

    I have two more questions:

    a) Can you please tell me how cancelling a subscription works? Is it just a mouse click somewhere in my Diigo account?

    b) Let's say my subscription renewal would be due in a month. Is there a deadline before I will have to cancel my subscription in order not to have to pay for another year or is it enough to just cancel before the next period starts?
Markus Müller

Only Furl topics get imported as tags instead of keywords - 60 views

furl import tags
  • Markus Müller

    I wanted to transfer all my Furl bookmarks to Diigo but there was one major problem:
    At Furl, there are topics, which are kind of like folders and there are keywords, which are the actual equivalent to tags. When I imported my Furl bookmarks into Diigo, only the topics were imported as tags and no keywords at all.

    Is there any way how I can import my Furl bookmarks into Diigo with the keywords becoming the tags?
  • Markus Müller
    I found another post here dealing with that same problem and a tip by Daniel Gauthier. He suggests a workaround solution by using Blinklist as an intermediary service to which Furl bookmarks can be imported with all tags and from which the bookmarks can then be imported into Diigo.
    I tried this and it failed (Importing failed - Please make sure that bookmarks file is correct and contains your bookmarks.) It definitely is the correct XML file, so I don't know what the problem is.

    Any other solutions to get my Furl bookmarks into Diigo with all the tags?
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