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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Hilco Blok

Hilco Blok

Cached pages with annotations? - 107 views

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  • Hilco Blok
    I've been messing around with the cache function and noticed that while diigo DOES cache pages, it does NOT show the annotations and comments. It basically treats the cached page as a 'new' page.

    Obviously, this defeats half the reason for having a cached version of a page. Is there any way that this can be fixed? I can't imagine it being too difficult, as the page is essentially identical, barring the URL...

    fixing this would really make my day...
  • Hilco Blok
    You might be on to something. The link you get when you click annotated link is a link.

    However, this doesn't necessarily mean that the page itself is stored on the diigo server. Does anyone know whether this is the case?

    I'd test it myself by uploading a file, annotating it, then deleting it, but I don't have the time to test right now.

    Does anyone maybe have dead link in his list that he could try this on?
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