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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Ben Ackers

Edward Rios

Exporting bookmarks with tags into Firefox 3 - 213 views

export firefox3 keywords tags
started by Edward Rios on 22 Jun 08 no follow-up yet
  • Ben Ackers
    It actually preserves the tags, but not not as the new improved tags, instead the are saved as keywords, and so this is really a missing feature: "Diigo tags" = "Firefox 3 tags"!!! Please make this possible, we appreciate your hard work!!!

    Edward Rios wrote:
    > Is there a way to export my Diigo bookmarks into Firefox 3 in a way that preserves the tags?
Ben Ackers

Wishes for searchbox, My Home Button, tag editing - 9 views

feature request
started by Ben Ackers on 03 Aug 07 no follow-up yet
  • Ben Ackers
    first I have say to that I am a happy user of Diigo and I use it especially for doing research on my annoying thesis.
    And there some things that I miss:

    1) It would be very convienient if the searchbox could be behave like the original Firefox searchbox in the way, that when I click in the box the the whole text which was already entered is selected, so that I can simply overwrite it.
    By the way, sometimes I have to hit the Enter button twice to start the search, is this behaviour noticed by others too?

    2) It would be very nice if My Home could open in a new tab, when use the middle mouse button or Ctrl+Mouseclick to hit the button.

    3) Is there any chance to implement a batch edit for bookmarks, sometimes I want to add a tag to a group of bookmarks, right now I have to edit every single bookmark, or am I missing something?

    Thank you a lot,

    a happy Diigo-User

    PS: Normally my english is a bit better, but today I am a little bit blockiert!
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