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Fenman .

Toolbar has disappeared - 170 views

toolbar help resolved

started by Fenman . on 23 Nov 08
  • anonymous
    You most likely inadvertently right clicked in the tool bar area and popped the tool bar menu list.

    Pull down the "View" menu from the top menu pulldowns and go to "Toolbars" which is most likely the first one in the list. Under the >View > >Toolbars menu make sure the "Diigo toolbar" has a check next to it.

    Hope this helps.
  • Graham Perrin
    Not long ago the entire contents of my Firefox navigation toolbar disappeared, completely. Where one there were buttons, there remained only a grey space. I wasted some considerable time trying to figure out a solution and it annoyed me greatly.

    In my case, and in Fenman's case, I suspect conflicts between add-ons/extensions.

    AFAIR my solution was to

    1. disable all extensions to Firefox

    2. quit from Firefox

    3. launch Firefox

    4. enable preferred extensions

    5. quit from Firefox

    6. launch Firefox

    7. customise Firefox toolbar.

    Today, a few parts of my Diigo toolbar are missing but the workaround described above does not help.

    Good luck
  • anonymous
    Something additional to consider to Graham's input:

    Select "Customize" under the >View >> Toolbars menu pull down. Are there Diigo related buttons found in this area? If so, you can select them and drag them right onto your tool bar to bring them back, assuming you have the Diigo tool bar loaded in the first place.

    It is possible to have the Diigo tool bar loaded with none of the buttons showing.
  • anonymous
    Here is a crazy question. Are you signed into Diigo? Diigo menu buttons only show if your are signed in. Not trying to patronize, just trying to help out. I would be lost without Diigo functions also. I feel for you.
  • anonymous
    Could you provide a running list of all the add-ons currently "installed" in your Firefox Add-ons manager?
  • anonymous
    As I understand it, Firefox 3.04 is a new one. I am running an older version. Did this problem start when you upgraded to 3.04?

    You said you tried to "re-install" the Diigo toolbar. If you just went in and tried to run the installation again, it may already see the toolbar as present and not really change anything. I would first uninstall the add-on first removing it from Firefox. And then after its gone, re-install.

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