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Ezra Peace

the list feature - 47 views

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started by Ezra Peace on 10 Jan 12
  • Ezra Peace
    i want to like lists but they aren't terribly useful to me the way they are. as i understand it they're meant for holding any number of bookmarks as long as they're logical grouping doesn't go deeper than 1 level (sub-groups). they would be more useful to me if they were able to be used like top level tags. i can make a list with a single tag why do i need these if i can't logically group tag bunches with them and filter their view by tag? would anyone else appreciate that functionality?
  • Virtual Me
    I would! I actually have the same frustration.

    At the moment, I simply add ...
    1. a list tag (ie. "bk" for a list pertaining to my book)
    2. a structured tag (ie. "bk-training-entrepreneurship") so I can easily find all the trainings related to entrepreneurship that I bookmarked specifically for my book project

    The above works for me. But it is quite cumbersome to have to remember to always add above additional tags. If anyone has a better method, kindly share.
  • Virtual Me
    Also, at the left of the list, we should have visibility for the most common tags for that particular list.

    I use lists practically for all my projects. I create lists way ahead I actually start a project so I can dump in there as much information/ research materials as possible. The problem is by the time I am about to actually start on the project I have way over a hundred bookmarks. While I try to maintain consistent tagging and a structured tag (ie. mentioned above), it is still difficult for me to remember all the key tags/category/division I used for the project. The work around ofcourse is to maintain a separate list/manually enter the key tags in the list description. But this is very crude and cumbersome. Now if I can easily see the top tags used within the list, that would make my processing much much faster!

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