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Chris 089

"Tag Rules" or "Tag groups" - 61 views

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started by Chris 089 on 12 Mar 10
  • Graham Perrin
    Re: organising tags hierarchically (groups, bundles, sub-tags etc.), topics (2007), (2007), (2008) and others may be of interest.

    Synonymity of tags

    > "süddeutsche" or "sueddeutsche" (US keyboard
    > without the German umlauts available) or "sz", I always mean the same

    > search for "sz" I will also find the other tags

    The site that springs to mind is, where it seems that each tag has a numeric synonym. Example:

    AFAIR the notion of numeric synonyms was suggested to Diigo, but not adopted.

    (Side note: in Diigo there does exist just a little synonymity, enough for tags to be case-insensitive in some but not all situations. I can't recall the exact detail, but there was careful thought to this.)

    FWIW I use Common Tag format, with Faviki to help me

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