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InfoNet by Patricia Fernandez

Suggestion: Download/Export Lists - 80 views

Diigo Downloads Export Lists Features Suggestions suggestion

started by InfoNet by Patricia Fernandez on 16 Aug 09
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  • Graham Perrin
    This rings a bell. You may find the same suggestion, or something very similar, in a previous topic. If you do find a matching topic, please enable e-mail notification for that topic and add a cross-reference from this one.

  • InfoNet by Patricia Fernandez
    Hi Graham,

    Thanks for your response.

    I've looked for DOWNLOAD LISTS, EXPORT LISTS and SAVE LISTS on the Search Group Topics cage and found nothing relevant (or maybe I've just missed it). I'll try and search again.

    Meanwhile, the only way I've found to save a list, complete with links and annotations, is converting it to PDF. Not perfect, but good enough.

    Thank you again for everything,

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