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rent strike

"Submission failed" -- always - 50 views

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started by rent strike on 15 Jul 08
  • rent strike
    Diigo cannot seem to submit/catch my bookmarks/stickies. When I try to bookmark a page, the form comes up but then when I hit "submit," I get a "submission failed -- will retry" message. Every time. Similarly, on the page, highlighting works fine as does pulling up and typing into a sticky note but when I hit "submit," the submission fails. My highlights and sticky notes are retained through my session, with the notes popping up as they should -- always with the word "saving" at the end, as if in the process of being saved but not saved yet. I use the latest Firefox 2. I'd really like to use diigo too but obviously will not be able to if it cannot even save a single bookmark for me. Have searched the online help but this gives no aid for troubleshooting, just instructions about how it's supposed to work. Perhaps someone here can help?
  • Joel Liu
    Hi Rent,
    This problem is rather strange. Did you still experience it? If it works, could you share your experience on how you solved the problem?


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