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reckoner reckoner

site-specific search not picking up current site as parameter - 27 views

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started by reckoner reckoner on 07 Nov 07
  • reckoner reckoner
    When viewing a specific site, I highlight some text, and then do "search -- current site".

    The problem is that what appears in the search is the highlighted text with the words site: next to them but nothing after the site: part.

    In other words, the toolbar doesn't seem to be picking up the current site and using it for the site: parameter.
  • x y
    I am having exactly the same problem. I wind up at google with the dumbest searches.

    The Diigo people cannot possibly be unaware of this....
  • Joel Liu
    I am sorry for the inconvenient. We noticed this problem. It will be solved in the brand new diigo toolbar which is in the testing process. Hopefully, you can use the new toolbar at the end of this month.
  • Jim Newbold
    Hi Joel,

    I am using the current version, 1.0.2007.101800, and am having the same problem. Is this fixed, or is there a simple thing I can do to remedy this?


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