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George Bradford

Searching on Partial Tag Strings - 63 views

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started by George Bradford on 20 Aug 08
  • George Bradford
    Does anyone know (and if the diigo programmers read this forum, please chime in...) how it might be possible to search on partial tag strings?

    Consider the strategy that for some complex concepts we commonly use the hyphen (-) or underscore (_) to glue two or more words together. This is a great strategy, but only if you do a search that has that entire string (e.g., see above tags available within diigo's database: "tag-feature" - to find URLs that are connected to "tag-feature" we have to know that full string) because if you search by only using "tag" you won't see the URL's associated with "tag-feature".

    What I'd like to see is a user power setting that returns a cloud of tags that presents the string "tag" with all other strings that include or contain the same string "tag", so you would see potentially the following tags that users could pursue: "tag", "tag-feature", "tagging", "tag-strategies", and etc. This would be useful even though you would unfortunately get potential links you would not wish for, such as "potage", "montage" or other words that contain "tag".

    Having this power would allow users to explore the range of combinations diigo users employ to capture the essence of the article or website being tagged.

    Anyone else have similar thoughts or ideas, or who know how to do this? Please comment.

  • Joel Liu
    Hi Geoge,
    Thanks for your suggestion.

    1) You can find "tag-feature" by searching "tag" in the upper right search box.
    2) How about showing up similar tags in the search result page? Then a user can choose other search terms easily.

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