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yc c

Search if bookmarked + Does not show up - 29 views

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started by yc c on 06 Nov 09
  • yc c
    When I view a bookmark meta page, how can I know if I've already bookmarked that page?
    I know this subject has been posted but I can't find the old post (can't narrow down search results after tags)
    For a bookmarking tool, this is an important feature, so I'd like to know if it's in the to do list.
    Is it ?

    Just now I was looking at the meta page of Mockingbird
    I know that service, I remember bookmarking it, so I wanted to check.
    I searched 'Mockingbird' in my library and it didn't come up
    So I clicked the community tab, and there it was!

    So I re-bookmarked, it still didn't turn up under 'Mockingbird' search results in my library.
    I finally managed to see it using tags.

    How come it shows in community and not my library?
  • Graham Perrin
    Yes, the same result. The mis-count is probably comparable to
    mis-counts of bookmarks and readers at 'Reader Community' and at 'Site Community'

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