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Adam Rasmussen

Search and replace tag names - 188 views

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started by Adam Rasmussen on 17 May 07
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  • Adam Rasmussen
    After tagging several; dozen pages with a particular tag I realized that I had a better name for the tag. A feature that would be really helpful for dealing with this situation would be to allow users to search for all items with a certain tag and replace the tag with a substitute tag (ex. change "tools" to "tool"). This would also help for consolidating bookmarks under a specific tags (ex. consolidate all bookmarks that have "designer" or "design vendor" under one tag "designers". I'd be a rich man, if I had a dollar for each time I wanted to do this. Now I'm a less accomplished man because I've had to go in and edit each bookmark where I want to change the tag.
  • le torte
    Hello nessumsara,

    i think you can already do that. Just click on the edit-button on top of your tagcloud box. Choose the first character of your tag, then hover over your specific tag and you will notice that the options to either delete or edit the tag will pop up. If you choose edit and rename the tag to an already existing one, your done.
    I hope this really works this way, because i did that just yesterday and otherwisesome of my tags would be gone.
  • Maggie Tsai
    Le-torte gave a good explanation on how to do this.

    Meanwhile, we will soon have few more new features that will make your bookmarks / tag organization easier. Stay tuned..
  • Adam Rasmussen
    It worked. Thank you!!
  • Graham Perrin
    > search for all items with a certain tag and replace the tag

    I sometimes want to replace only some instances of a tag (not all instances). This typically happens after I search my library then, in advanced view, select some (not all) of the results.

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