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yc c

Quick way to copy bookmarks from search results ? - 46 views

bookmarks copy searching spamming spam (electronic)

started by yc c on 15 May 08
  • yc c
    I image there's no "copy bookmark" button on search results because of bad tagging... or is there any other reason?
    But still, could there not be a "copy" button.. with - I don't know - if tags are the problem : an obligation to input tags or something? with the possibility to batch copy ?
    I often come across search results where I know the websites - but I had forgotten about them.
    If i want it, I have to open the page ... bookmark, enter tags+description ... even if the bookmark I was in front of my eyes in the search result !

    +Could this not be a good feature to fight spam ? ( instead of removing spam, increasing the amount of non-spam bookmarks ... or would spammers create multiple account and copy from themselves? )

    " Sometime bookmarking is like being a human search bot, I'm creating my own BD for my own searching."

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