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B. Given

Problem importing bookmarks - how long does it take? - 163 views

importing problem import bookmarks bug

started by B. Given on 15 Jul 09
  • Gerhard Hagerer
    Hi Beth!

    Interesting to hear that your are suffering from the same problems as me. We really don't seem to be the only ones.

    Unfortunately I can't help you, but I'm quite angry about this. I did also write a message to the Diigo-support some weeks ago, but they don't answer.

    Possibly Diigo don't cares a lot about their users.

    Here my complaint:

    Have a nice day!
  • Graham Perrin
    I'm reminded of

    I don't know whether the result of my colleague's import ever came through.

    Can you provide more details about your colleague's situation?

    Re did she use the toolbar option to import?

    Or did she export then import?

    What's her browser and version? Operating system and version? Etc.
  • Graham Perrin
    Can she double-check to let us know the version number of her Diigo installation? We sometimes find that people are using an outdated version.

    > What should I tell her? Wait even longer? Re-try?

    Uppermost in the import window is the link to Help…, which explains what may be over-written when an import occurs. for highlights.

    From I see that you joined in 2008. When was your successful import?

    The new version of Diigo (for all users, including newcomers from Furl) is expected this month, so maybe things will change/improve some time after the upgrade.
  • B. Given
    The version of the Diigo toolbar she has installed is
  • Graham Perrin
    Beth Given wrote:

    > What should I tell her?

    ghagerer wrote:

    > suffering from the same problems

    (It's not likely that the problem is the same.)

    To any user of Mozilla Firefox who reads this topic

    If you have trouble with an extension, then begin by following Mozilla's advice on
    troubleshooting extensions and themes ;)

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