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note formatting - must line breaks and everything be "squashed" together for me? - 34 views

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started by jeffreyjflim on 26 May 07
  • jeffreyjflim
    hi, I would like to be able to just type in my notes as is - ie, with proper paragraph separation (hey, these are my notes after all!) for easy visualization and reading, but i hate the way diigo will try to "squash" everything together for me, even after i have taken all that effort to be able to format my notes nicely. Is there a plan right now to preserve the text EXACTLY as i type it in?
  • Maggie Tsai
    The text should be saved exactly as you type in the sticky notes. I made two public sticky notes right on your post - please mouse over and check them out.

    Meanwhile, I do notice that the formatting in the expanded view in "My Bookmarks" section for the "non-rich-formatted" note is not quite reserved. Will pass on to our engineer's attention.
  • jeffreyjflim
    ok, thanks, i see it now. Although really, u only see the formatting when u go and edit ur comment... If u merely mouseover the highlight, what u see is the squashed text! Are u seeing something different when u mouseover? I'm using Firefox 1.5 here.
  • Maggie Tsai
    Please upgrade to the latest FF browser version. Perhaps that's what affects your viewing.

    To view the public annotation, make sure your viewing mode is set to "View All" - you can verify by going to the toolbar >> Diigo >.View Annotations
  • jeffreyjflim
    thanks, Maggie. I've figured out how to see the annotations already. I'm trying out FF 2.0 at the moment, and I must say that it's worse than for FF 1.5! I can't edit the notes that I have made already, for eg. with FF 2.0... With FF 1.5, that's ok.

    Also regarding my original point about squashing: it seems that this squashing is only done for non-rich-formatted notes... For rich-formatted notes, both the text as shown in the bookmarks, and in the mouseover are not squashed...
  • Maggie Tsai
    My first example (on your #1 post) is shown without rich format text editing. Line spacing there seems to be preserved just fine.

    My Bookmarks area - will get that fixed.

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