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Norm Aversion

No option to hide all public sticky notes - 175 views

sticky notes annotation hide filter help resolved spam (electronic)

started by Norm Aversion on 15 Jul 09
  • Graham Perrin
    You'll find the option in the sidebar.
  • Norm Aversion
    Great - thanks.
  • Firepol Surfer
    Graham Perrin wrote:
    > You'll find the option in the sidebar.

    Where exactly can I find that option? I don't see in the (diigo) sidebar any option to disable all sticky notes, as Norm suggested.

    In the diigo Toolbar, neither. In the options I can't find something that reminds me this...

    can you enlighten me? Thanks...
  • Graham Perrin
    Ensure that you're using at least version of Diigo for Firefox, then bring the Annotations tab to foreground in sidebar.

    The option you require is in a menu at the head of that tab.

  • Graham Perrin
    The option is also available via the Diigo menu, without revealing the sidebar.
  • Branislav Blesák
    Actually an option to mark the public annotation as spam would be helpful. I want to see if there are some good points added on the page but it seems like many of these "active and trusted users" who are allowed to annotate are just spamming popular pages.
  • Anne McCormack
    I there a way to hide or remove public sticky notes using the Diigolet with Safari (version 4.1.2)?

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