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Graham Perrin

My highlight visible but my bookmark missing from my bookmarks - 38 views

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started by Graham Perrin on 12 Sep 09
  • Graham Perrin
 shows my personal highlights (minus the ones that are missing, as outlined in

    My Firefox view of the bookmark confirms that the bookmark is not private.


    The bookmark is missing from
  • Graham Perrin
    > annotated link does not show my highlights.

    but when I reload the annotated page then reload Diigolet, the highlight is visible. And still my bookmark is missing from my bookmarks so I can not delete it. If it's there, at all :-(

    /me throws the pen out of the window
  • Joel Liu
    There was a rare server software error which we have already recovered. It should be ok for all new bookmarks.

  • Graham Perrin
    OK, thanks :-)

    The effects following Diigo's fix were interesting.

    1. I began with in Safari redirecting to with Diigolet 3.1b572 and no (0) highlights

    2. without progressing to I accidentally drew two (2) highlights over the annotated link

    3. I command-clicked the short URL in comment #1 above to represent in a new tab and found three (3) highlights

    4. at at the head of the list (not corresponding with the date when I originally bookmarked the item) I found the seven (7) highlights that appeared as three:

    5. working from the lowest highlight upwards, I removed four of seven and now looks OK, with three annotations


    In the screen shot above, there's a miscount of 5 — twelve (12) counted but only seven (7) annotations visible. still presents a count of annotations (8) that's greater than the true number 3.

    Should I wait for that number 8 to correct itself before continuing to use annotations?

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