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Call Me What You Want

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started by Call Me What You Want on 29 May 08
  • Call Me What You Want
    Note: Suggested in the assumption that lists are meant to act as a more traditional bookmark system

    Organize list entries view - Right now if there's too many entries in a list, I can't find a way of moving an entry much other than dragging it a few entries up or down.

    a. Folder like Sections - So user can organize a bunch of entries under a section (like a bunch of bookmarks of the same entry but different pages) and when they are moved up, it is moved up as a group rather than one by one. Would also be cool if the section can be made invisible so when viewing the list there's no sign of a section but the section entries act the same when dragged.

    b. Page view organization - Moves an entry from say page 5 to page 2 instantly by having a dual pane view of the pages or even a thumbnail view of a bunch of pages with their entries draggable. You could even go further and add a restrictive page view like system where a bunch of entries would be restricted to page 1 and another set restricted to page 2 rather than based on order of entries for public view (though this would eliminate # of entries per page view)

    c. Tags inside List - Tags of entries inside the list are shown on top of the first list entry in a hideable box. (Just feel like it's quicker for giving a preview of the content of the list than when the box is on the side, at least for lists) I guess this sort of acts like a bundle but I feel it's easier since the list is made already before grouping the tags. Maybe take it even further by having sections show only the tags listed under it's entry

    d. Reading list - Duplicating a list and putting it in another section where the options act more like a rss reader that can be flagged as read/unread and starred but only for that list. Could be useful if for example I chanced upon someone's list but didn't finish reading all the entries under it and I'd like to mark which entry I didn't finish reading or want to take note of (so I can mass save the entries I want only) and get back to it later on.
  • Graham Perrin
    > like a bundle

    In the screen shot at
    a menu drops down to show:

    * bundles of tags
    * Diigo bookmarks within each bundle.

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